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2021 Content Review and Emerging Trends for 2022

2021 Content Review and Emerging Trends for 2022

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Where we give you our 2021 content review and emerging trends 2022 regarding Coffee Axis Travel. We will also try to make a few solid predictions on what to expect in 2022 for expat lifestyles and travel in Colombia.

Our writer/editor is Erin Donaldson, who has been in Colombia since February 6th of 2013 – which is almost nine years. To understand our trajectory, you must learn where we came from. 

The first website we began is Open Minded Traveler – Exploring the Coffee Region and Colombia, a domain which was purchased on December 28th, 2012 prior to arriving to Pereira in February of 2013. 

Second, came Pereira City Guide – The Definitive Guide for Tourism in the Coffee Axis, a domain which was opened in August of 2016. 

Third, is Coffee Axis Travel – Lifestyle, Gastronomy and Tourism, a website which was begun in January of 2019 when our operations moved to Manizales, Colombia. 

Weird: Every THREE years is a new website. What an interesting coincidence!!!

 It is important to understand that the three audiences are all bringing Google search results to these sites, and they are being mostly funneled to Coffee Axis Travel (dot) com. 

2021 Content Review

This was a steady year for us. We published 16 new posts in 2021, for a total of 79. 

If you look at the following graphic, you will see that 2021 began with a huge crest of expectation and movement which was crushed in May – which coincides with the PARO NACIONAL. The paro nacional, or the yearly strikes which are a Colombian tradition lasted for a whole month and was the worst month for us for views and movement. 

2021 Content Review

One more note about our 2021 content review – September was the beginning of a Shemitah year which has a special meaning for Jewish culture and folklore. Here’s a quick snippet from Google, go research it some more and feel free to comment your thoughts about it. 

Content Review 2021

After May, views were moderately steady through the end of the year as people decided to proceed with caution into their Colombian dreams of LIFESTYLE.

Now let’s look at the 2021 content review of the things which our readers felt the most drawn to. They definitely like to go to small towns, or pueblos; but they are primarily interested in LIVING IN COLOMBIA. 

The first thing you should notice is that the top posts have to do with pueblo tourism, and lifestyle. People want to live in Colombia, and visit the small towns. We do not encourage newcomers to live in small towns because each one has a unique story, and you need to understand that story, get to know the locals, and develop friendships BEFORE you move there. 

Now for the fun part. Let’s discuss Emerging Trends for 2022…

Emerging Trends for 2022

This is a bit more speculative, but stay with us here. We are going to try to make our best guess about emerging trends for 2022 but of course other things could happen. 

Lifestyle services and content will remain the chief interest of our readers. In fact, the tourism opportunities we present will become more interesting over time as people move here, get settled and begin exploring their local and regional environment. 

Tourism will continue to center on small towns, especially the ones which up til now were not necessarily tourist destinations. People are going to place higher value on keeping a low profile and small groups. 

Real estate is going to remain a top priority by people searching for information centered around the coffee region of Colombia. Anyone who has any loose capital currently are putting it into real estate, not banks. 


We go back into lockdown due to the yearly flu cold variant, and things get crazy everywhere. Whatever your belief is about The Powers That Be (TPTB), we are here for you. Contact us via email for information about our lifestyle tours and consulting:


The new year is no longer a distant possibility, it is now here. Time to face the music – whatever genre we find ourselves listening to. Hope fully our 2021 Content Review helps you to understand our potential.

If we can continue at the present rhythm I will consider myself blessed, if things pick up like we are all desperately hoping, even better. Yet with the possibility of a new wave of COVID Crazy I think our innocence is lost in the matter and we are now facing it on our feet, ready to fight for the future.

We leave you with this…

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” – G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

Let’s embrace the hard times so we can get back to the good times! It’s going to take work, but when we come out the other side this world might be better. If not, we will ride it to the bottom and rebuild. 

Para adelante compa’ – ahi vamos con todo! 

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Coffee Axis Adventures and Expat Lifestyles meet Wit and Wordpress! I have been writing my whole life in one form or another, and blogging since 2012. My career as a professional writer began in 2013 and this is what I have been doing ever since! My personal mission: Create love and appreciation for local brands, products and entrepreneurial projects of value and quality. Do my part to participate in and help create, a strong local economy that supports local people and their families!

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