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Here at Coffee Axis Travel – we are creating connections and information for local ideas, products and services with our International audience. When you Advertise With Us, your business/service will reach its potential in front of an audience that values quality and price point but which aren’t afraid to pay well for something they feel meets that standard.

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This is an audience of people who are 40+, self-employed, retired and/or close to retirement. Our biggest audience is American with all other English speaking countries close behind it. This is a resident/visitor who wants curated experiences, small group tours and high quality.

Translation Services

Menu Translation – Our most popular service we will translate your menu to English with proper descriptions which foreign visitors will understand IN CONTEXT! Prices can vary from 50,000 to 200,000 COP depending on the size and detail of the menu you offer. 

General Translation – Need help translating your website? Marketing materials? Or, do you need to be able to send a nicely written letter in English for visa processes and immigration. We can help! Starting at 50,000 COP based on volume and necessity. 

Interpretation Services – Sometimes you need to do things that require a more formal level Spanish such as legal proceedings, visa communication or giving specific instructions to get something done. We go with you and help you get the message across!

We Promote Your Product or Service!

When we write an article about your idea or business, we will work to create interest, energy and customers who will buy your product and/or service! This way you can earn in dollars and spend in pesos – a win-win proposition for your startup.

Cost: 750,000 COP (50% to begin – 50% to deliver) ~ $180 USD + Transport Note: Due to increased bus prices, if you are outside of Pereira/Manizales, additional cost for transport.


  • Fully edited, fun-to-read write-up about your service, product or business in a way that is relevant to foreign visitors or residents.
  • Professional photography, all photos are sent to you as part of delivery for your own marketing materials.
  • One year of ORGANIC guerrilla marketing: We will make meaningful connections via business card presentation, sharing on social media, and word of mouth to travelers and locals.

Our clients are like family to us and it is our deepest desire to ensure your business succeeds. Your success is our success.

Call or WhatsApp us today for more information: +57 312 794 8245

Additional Add ON Features (Extra Cost)

  1. Video. Increase visibility and view ability by adding a short documentary video about what you are offering. Cost: 300,000 Includes intro slide, music, basic editing and final slide with contact information. DOES NOT INCLUDE LOGO or SUBTITLES – We CAN provide additional video editing logistics at an additional cost.
  2. Menu Translation. We will translate your menu with descriptive adjectives that sell. Average Cost: 250,000 – contact us if you have a menu that has either large amounts of text, or is extremely short and brief. Keep in mind that we don’t want your menu to simply translate – we want it to be understood and ready to sell what you are offering!

For more information email us at or via WhatsApp: +57 312 794 8245

Don’t miss out on your chance to shine in front of our audience!

#2 | Influence & Promote Your Event

If you have an event coming up that you think OUR AUDIENCE would be INTERESTED in attending – we can help you position and promote it.

Includes: Event Promo on Facebook/Instagram/TikTok, Sharing in Facebook Groups, Live Video During Event, Special Post After Event.

This service includes sharing in our exclusive groups for EXPATS ONLY – where our clients receive special attention. Plus, we share in other Facebook groups where foreigners and travelers like to hang out.

We will also do a live video during a key moment to create additional visibility, interest and attendance. Keep in mind that we also reach English speaking Colombians and local residents as well!

Cost: 250,000 COP or the equivalent in comps.

We bring to the table a diverse experience providing consulting/marketing services to small businesses of all kinds which include: Restaurants, Expat Services (Visa & Legal advice), Tourism Destinations and MORE!!

#3 | Your Ad On Our Homepage

Position your business with an ad on our homepage which will be seen every time our site is visited by our fans, new viewers and our loyal readers!

Cost: 150,000 COP per month

In 2019, we had over 12,000 organic visitors to the page. This year we expect nothing less than triple and have upgraded our infrastructure to ensure you get the visibility you deserve – while keeping it fresh, organic and healthy!

In 2020, COVID-19 made a grand mess of things. We are being patient, developing our content, re-editing previous content, and preparing for a reopening in 2021.

For more information email us at or via WhatsApp: +57 312 794 8245

Don’t miss out on your chance to shine in front of our audience!

#4 | Banner Ads in Most Popular Articles

Feel like you have a service, event or product to offer, but only for a limited time or to the audience we regularly serve? Then try gaining visibility via our most popular articles.

You will receive a rectangular banner the size of this paragraph embedded in the middle of our articles. You can link to your site, Facebook page or YouTube channel to drive our audience to YOUR business.

Cost: 100,000 per banner, on a monthly basis.

Special offer for repeat clients: 2 banners in 2 articles for the price of only ONE! If you buy an article from us you qualify for this special discount immediately!

Contact Us for Additional Questions or Inquiries!!!

We are working hard to create a handpicked audience which consists of people who want a high quality lifestyle or travel experience in Colombia.

We don’t have large numbers like some site. Our average monthly viewership is 1,500 – 2,000 views. But, we do have a very good idea of who our audience is, and what their financial capabilities are. And, they are people who won’t nitpick over price, they want quality!

When you Advertise With Us you have the assurance that, while you may not be reaching a massive faceless audience, you ARE reaching an audience that is organic, focused and interacting with us and our clients.

In 2020, we are coming online with some really exciting new content and opportunities. We are now ready to say “Would you sponsor us?”, knowing full well that we are also ready to deliver results to your brand. If you want a deeper ongoing relationship with us and our audience, then Read More Here >>