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Authentic Italian Food in Pereira Colombia

Authentic Italian Food in Pereira Colombia

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Craving authentic Italian Food in Pereira Colombia? You won’t be able to read this without drooling because what we found is top notch. Add to the fact that one of the owners is in fact Italian, and we guarantee it will be one of your go-to dining options from now on!

Authentic Italian Food in Pereira Colombia

San Martino is easy to get to from the Zona Rosa (Avenida Circunvalar). When you reach the top and the road curves left go to the stoplight past Hospital Confamiliar, turn left and go straight back about a block and a half – in front to the left you will see the restaurant. 

Plan your next family dinner with San Martino! Be sure to follow them on Facebook at and via Instagram @vineriasanmartino

San Martino

About San Martino

Founded in 2016, San Martino takes its name from the patron saint of wine and is celebrated on November 11th after harvesting when the grape juice is transformed into wine. In Italy, it is a celebration day to taste new wine and eat chestnuts. 

In the words of owner Andrea Villari: 

“When someone enters San Martino, I wish them to feel like they are in a little piece of Italy, in Colombia. An experience, not only of food, but of good Italian wine. Italian wine is different from other places, it is drank differently. To savor a good wine is to drink a cup, a few cups, a bottle, maybe even three bottles. We like to drink and eat – something simple like bruschetta. The joy of drinking, whether white or red, with a body that gives you a sensation along with the palate. For me this is the essence of Italy.”  

This is a family owned restaurant which has a deep respect and appreciation for authentic Italian tradition both in the preparation and ingredients. These are the recipes of Andrei’s roots and family in Rome. The flavors are the foods that were prepared on Sunday’s and holidays – the regular weekday diet actually tends to soup and vegetables. 

The atmosphere is warm and inviting with a touch of elegance. Your next date, family dinner or celebration of friendship will find a cozy intimacy with privacy and excellent attention by the wait staff. 

Out of respect for the culture it is important to not ask for extra ingredients or change the ingredients. When you change ingredients in Italian food culture it can change the dynamic of the entire recipe causing a sharp loss in quality and flavor. 

Italian Food Menu

Menu options include entrees, pasta, salads, meat plates, pizzas, drinks, and desserts. Ingredients are carefully curated for authenticity and quality. 


For the perfect snack to whet your appetite, or accompany a bottle of wine – the appetizers at San Martino come with all the classics! Bruschetta toasts come as a complimentary part of your lunch, but you can also try a spicy sausage with their “Salsiccia Flambé” or fresh mozzarella cheese “Burrata Calda” which is pictured below. Share an Italian beef classic with their “Carpaccio di Manzo” a classic which will please any palette. 

Pereira Colombia


If you are on a diet their chicken salad is the perfect solution for a non-gluten lunch! They have three options: The Caprese which is essentially slices of tomato and mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and a classic basil pesto sauce. Cotadina which is the vegetarian option with green lettuce, tomato, celery, mushrooms, black olives, cucumbers and oregano with olive oil. The Ghiottona, is chicken with lettuce, carrot, tomato, mushrooms, lightly steamed broccoli and olive oil. 

Authentic Italian Food


The ravioli’s especially are homemade with high quality local ingredients true to Italian tradition. One of the most popular and unique plates are the green ravioli with 4 cheeses and “guanciale” which is pig cheek a cut of pork which is juicy, crunchy and packed with flavor. We also recommend their “Pasta corta Salmon and Zucchini” and their “Cannelloni with Ricotta and Spinach.” 

Italian Food Pereira

Meat Plates

In our diet conscious world, there are options for everyone while still enjoying authentic Italian style cuisine. Pictured below is “Arrosto Partenopeo,” slices of beef slowly cooked on a low heat with white wine, served with a typical vegetable sauce and a classic side salad. They also offer baked salmon, Beef and pork rolls stuffed with ham and mozzarella, and Chicken filet cooked in white wine with mushrooms. Pick your favorite meat and enjoy!

Pereira Colombia


With a special 24 to 48 hour fermentation, the pizza crust is formed with artisan ingredients in the “Partenopeo” tradition. Each pizza has a diameter of 28 centimeters and can be shared as an appetizer or served as a meal for one person. All the classic flavors are on line up including Margherita, 4 Cheeses, Shrimp and Mushroom, Burrata, Meat for Carnivores, and even a calzone with salami and ricotta cheese! Come try these and many more!

Authentic Italian


Each plate on the menu has specialty Italian wines available for pairing. These are premium import wines to ensure quality and authenticity. This is a great afternoon destination to visit with friends, drink a bottle of wine and pair it with appetizers, or for a romantic night out with someone special! Most of their wines are high quality imports from Italy, but their Sangria especially is a great option for hot days. It comes with a shot of rum for some extra kick!

Italian Food


The tiramisu is a classic recipe that won’t do you wrong – but the panna cotta is a great option if you want something different. In classic Italian style, you won’t find natural juices on the menu – but you will find soda, water and beer. 

Pereira Colombia


If you value authenticity when you eat Italian Food in Pereira Colombia, then you won’t regret trying this place out. With carefully curated ingredients, a warm welcoming atmosphere, extensive wine options and friendly service, the only thing you will regret is that you didn’t try it sooner!

Pereira Colombia

Plan your next date with San Martino! Be sure to follow them on Facebook at and via Instagram @vineriasanmartino

Whether you want to plan a romantic dinner for two or a family dinner, San Martino is the place to be for Authentic Italian Food in Pereira Colombia!

Pereira Colombia is a growing metropolis with diversity and variety, it even boasts a restaurant that offers typical food from DENMARK! Try El Lugar Nordico on your next night out!

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