back to the americas initiative

In what can be a total game changer for Colombia, Trump’s announcement (in August 2020), of the Back to the Americas Initiative could create jobs and significant amounts of investment. President Ivan Duque has even expressed intentions to ensure that it becomes the new Silicon Valley of Latin America.

Trade War – USA vs China

According to an article that was published on October 1st, 2020, in The Guardian, President Donald Trump’s “Back to the America’s Initiative” was created,

“…as a direct response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the $1.5 tn [ trillion dollar] foreign and economic policy to establish maritime trade and invest in infrastructure projects in dozens of countries.” [1]

Colombia has always been a strategic centerpiece of Latin American resources and productivity. With the increasing crop failure’s of US agriculture, there is now an increased demand for imported fresh and processed food which could potentialize large scale manufacturing as well.

The announcement of Back to the Americas Initiative will be open to all of Latin America, but could have a special focus on allied countries like Colombia, Brazil, and the Caribbean.

Back to the Americas Initiative

And of course, in a recent OPINION piece in Global Times, China has come out already and vehemently criticized this plan as “hypocritical goodwill to Western Hemisphere.” This said in a statement published in an article that was partially authored by someone from the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations. [2]

“We Have To Achieve That Colombia Becomes The Silicon Valley of Latin America” – President Duque, Colombia

Colombia is a game changer in many sectors as it pulls itself up by the bootstraps following the 50 year civil war which signed peace with the biggest armed group in 2016. The biggest potential we have here, is finding peace and creating prosperity – we already have all the natural resources and manpower to do it.

An American owned factory can benefit from being closer to the US, a part of Trumps Back to the America’s Initiative, and even included in future initiatives with Colombia, who has remained a close ally. In short, the world is ripe for an industrialized and resource rich nation like Colombia to come out of the shadows and into the mainstream as a world power.

Covid-19, if nothing else, has brought humanity to a brink where they are forced to choose between one of two paths:

1. Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay home and wait for the government. 2. Throw away that slave rag, get out of your house, and do your best to survive in a world that is becoming more difficult – yet even now opportunities will persist.

In a world where increasingly, only the strong survive, sometimes strong decisions must be made at the same time. One of these tough decisions, is moving a factory across thousands of miles of oceans and terrains to a backwater paradise named Colombia, and why.

Crece America – Back to the Americas Initiative – Coffee Axis

Colombia does have the CREATIVE potential to become a Silicon Valley of the South American continent. In other words, the same things that make them world-class smugglers and cocaine traders, also work together for good to create exceptional men and women in terms of creativity and their ability to innovate.

For the same reason that top Silicon Valley execs have been reported to raise their children in “limited technology” environments, so then do some Colombians come out of extremely limited circumstances to become incredible men and women.

These people aren’t the products of comfortable circumstances. Hard times make strong people. And, Colombia excels in producing strong people, even if it means that many of them leave for greater potential offered abroad.

Are there Impediments to Successfully Running a Factory in Colombia?

Like everywhere in the world, yes. Colombians are not a disciplined, or orderly. You have to ride with them like you would a thoroughbred, and make sure that everything they do, is their idea to do it – not you fighting them on it by arriving with high notions of “corporate culture.”

But, if you can make a Colombian see your vision, and ensure it benefits them, then basically anything is possible. They want YOUR factory to benefit THEIR people. Makes sense at least.

The thing that I like about Colombia for doing business, is that you CAN create loyalty. It doesn’t mean you won’t strike out or get frustrated, but when you do find the right people, your plan will succeed.

back to the americas initiative

Colombia has the natural resources to feed the world multiple times, produce tremendous amounts of metal, textile, or even food products. And, for the most part, manpower is cheap. Back to the Americas Initiative is a perfect match.

But, you can’t go just anywhere to put your factory, much less find qualified labor. Which is part of what makes the Coffee Axis, or Eje Cafetero so special. Business culture can be brutal at times, but is well worth the pay off if you are willing to fully invest in creating local alliances and compromises with labor and supply chain logistics.

The Colombian Coffee Region, has a tremendous potential for any manufacturing facility that relocates under the Back to the Americas Initiative. With ample water, land mass, and educated worker resources, it would only be a question of taking that first step.

Despite popular gossip and even some unfortunate cultural realities, Colombia DOES have the potential to rise to prominence in manufacturing.

This is a society that uses and reuses cars, tools, machines and technologies, which are stone age compared to many anglophone countries, yet moves more people and resources than we do with our fancy systems. Plus, there is never a shortage of people willing to innovate their way into a better life and greater economic potential.

Put those people in your labor force. Let them do their jobs until proven otherwise then quickly and smoothly move on to the next trainee without causing a big fuss.

back to the americas initiative

Sun Tzu never applied as much previously, as it does now to Colombia and the way they do business. Come here, understand local culture, build up the people who work for you – even if they leave, and don’t give up.

The effort is well worth the payoff of being this close to the US, and in the midst of such incredible amounts of natural resources, of all types that you can’t even imagine. I have visited farms that had carbon deposits, bamboo groves, indian gold, called guacas, plenty of water, and tremendous fertility.

Your biggest question in all this, should be finding someone local who integrates well, has managed to successfully find their passion, or run a business – and create an ally in that person. Even if he/she is Colombian, if you find the right helper who shares your vision, then this can be a massive potential for the Back to the Americas Initiative.

Getting back to the main point…

Colombia is a resilient alternative to a lot of other countries. Of course, political situations can change, but at least for the next 4 years – Back to the Americas Initiative could have a tremendous importance and potential for us here in Colombia.

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