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Best Dentist and Dental Implants in Colombia – Pereira

Best Dentist and Dental Implants in Colombia – Pereira

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If you are wondering about the best dentist and dental implants in Colombia or dental tourism, we have a great recommendation! Especially if you are traveling in the Coffee Axis (Eje Cafetero) then this is for you!

Good teeth in Colombia are equated with status and money. In a culture that values personal image, having beautiful chops is essential to success!

Did you know that Sofia Vergara almost chose a completely different career from acting and film – as a dentist? She even went so far as to study for two years but left because of an opportunity to become a TV host. 

History of Dentistry in Colombia

In the Pre-Colombian epoch of the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas of Latin America, dentistry was not a thing related to problems, instead it was ornamental or religious, often embedding precious stones in the teeth, or changing the shape as a form of adornment. 

During this time, their dental health was maintained by chewable substances including tobacco to clean or prevent bad teeth. Issues that arose were dealt with by the shamans using prayers, rocks, medicinal plants and the pulling of teeth. 

Dental Implants in Colombia

When the Spanish arrived, dental treatments were a response to warfare and personal habits or situations that arose. Often issues were treated by the local doctor who served in a more general capacity. 

Professional dentistry did not become common until the end of the 19th century as subprograms for general doctors. The first professional organization was called “Sociedad Dental de Colombia” (Dental Society of Colombia) and was created in 1887. The title of “Doctor of Odontology and Dental Surgeon” was approved by “Law 111” in 1892 upon completion of required studies. [2] 

The rest of Colombian dental history follows much of modern dentistry with much of the same information, material and advances into modern day. Dentistry in Colombia is regulated and licensed much the same here as it is in countries like the US, Canada and Europe. That is to say that you must be educated, pass approval and go through legal licensing requirements. 

Best Dentist 

Cristian Hernandez is a fully certified professional who has been doing dentistry and dental implants in Colombia now for over 9 years. The son of a school teacher, he was raised to value good education from a young age. 

In 2004 he graduated from Antonio Nariño University in Armenia, Quindio with “Quality Management in Health” career track and from the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia – Pereira Location with Health Auditing. He is an active member of the Colombian Academy of Osteointegration.

His specialty is “smile design” and implants. Using precise technologies he takes the guesswork out of it by ensuring that you will have a guaranteed quality of work. 

His own statement about working with dental patients is the following:

My consultation is focused on treating the human being as a whole, in which areas such as emotions, habits and the musculoskeletal system must be in balance to develop a state of health, not only oral or dental, but also general.  – Dr. Cristian Hernandez Ossa

As a person Dr. Cristian is a bit camera-shy, but very serious about his work. He will tell give you his honest opinion with no bullshit. In every sense, he is a straight shooter. 

With children, he is patient and careful to avoid trauma even if it takes longer or more appointments to get the job done. He is gentle, caring and kind as he explains what he will do and how. 

For tourism he has traveled to the United States and works hard to always improve his English allowing for better communication with foreign clients.

You can visit his office at MegaCentro in Pinares: Torre 1, 12th floor, consultorio (suite) #1205.  

Some of the treatments he can offer are the following:

  • General dentistry consultation
  • Dental Aesthetics
  • Smile design
  • Biofunctional dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Oral rehabilitation
  • Dental surgery
  • Dental Implants in Colombia
  • Dental prostheses
  •  Teeth whitening
  • Resin edges
  • Oral surgery

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Dental Implants in Colombia

Or read more about his practice in Pereira:

Be sure to follow him on Instagram @cristianhernandezodontologo and Facebook

Smile Design

One of the specialties for Dr. Cristian Hernandez Ossa (apart from Dental Implants in Colombia), is Smile Design. Essentially it is creating a beautiful nicely aligned smile and bite. 

Best Dentist in Pereira

He seeks to work naturally with what is there, not create artificial appearances. The idea is to conserve the tooth as much as possible. This means it will also be appropriate to size/color of teeth. 

Keep in mind that you must have your teeth in good alignment first, and have excellent tooth/gum health. 

Cost: 7 to 8 million COP for ceramic. 4 million for resin. 

Dental Implants in Colombia

Dental Implants have become virtually unaffordable in most developed countries like the US/Canada and Europe.

Dental Implants in Colombia, by well educated expert dentists, come at less than half the cost of what you would probably pay anywhere else. Dr. Cristian has a whole segment of his practice dedicated to implants. 

Dental Implants in Colombia

While the process does take six months or even a year to complete, you can break up your visits while still saving a lot of money on the overall costs. 

Process for Dental Implants in Colombia

The cost varies a bit depending on size and placement. The minimum cost for the implant is 2,500,000 COP to 3,000,000 COP. The cost of the crown (or tooth) that sits on top of the implant is 1,200,000 COP to 1,500,000 COP. DISCOUNT OPTION: If you pay the entire process up-front it is 3,500,000 COP total per tooth. 

Let’s break it down. Here’s how you will do dental implants in Colombia:

  1. You will have an initial check-up to review the situation, teeth/gum health and do a 3D scan/pictures.
  2. The digital planning process involves using a program similar in concept to Auto-Cad to map and measure the space where the new “tooth” will go. This info is used to create a “surgery guide” which is like a retainer which helps create a much higher level of precision when the implant is placed. It helps to prevent trauma and complications.
  3.  The surgery that follows will put what looks like a screw into the space using the surgery guide. In some situations, the crown might be placed immediately, but usually it will be placed a month later once the doctor has ensured that the implant is integrated with the bone. 
  4. Follow up every 4 to 6 months to ensure everything goes well, or as needed. 

Treatment Options

It all begins with a cleaning using top of the line dental technology. Cavities and old fillings are identified and recommended for changing. Next, a follow-up session is scheduled (usually within 8 days) to begin fixing problems. X-rays are only recommended if it is not a superficial issue, or once opened up – turns out to be something more serious. 

One of the technologies used at Dr. Cristians office, is a scanner that will scan/project a 3D image of your teeth onto a screen where you can SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES what is happening. 

Fix problems that are real and viewable – no more taking “their” word for it!

Dental Implants in Colombia

For most standard procedures like cleaning and fillings, you should schedule at least one to two weeks ahead of time. If you intend to travel from another country for the specific goal of dental procedures, or you need something more extensive – then you must schedule at least a month ahead of time to ensure he has the availability to take care of you properly. 

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If you came here looking for our top recommendation – based on actual experiences, then this is it. For us Cristian Hernandez is the best dentist because he balances his perfectionist tendencies when working with a positive and friendly attitude towards his clients. 

I, Erin Donaldson, the one writing this went to him with some serious situations. Another dentist blew me off after having done some fillings that were getting inflamed not long after.

When I came to Cristian Hernandez, I had teeth that were inflamed and hurting, that the other dentist failed to tell me how serious they were much less respond to my appointment requests.

It wasn’t a fun process, I had to do encrustations on four molars and fix my bite. It cost me months of appointments, a lot of money (still dirt cheap compared to the US), and a lot of discomfort.

Today the work he did on me has not only helped to fix my bite, but has stayed intact with no issues on later check-ups. I can say from personal experience that now Cristian Hernandez is the ONLY dentist I plan to go to for the foreseeable future. Being able to actually SEE the problem on a screen gives so much confidence that the average patient would never have had. 

Be sure to follow him on Instagram @cristianhernandezodontologo and Facebook

If you are planning to visit Colombia for medical tourism, contact us for city tours/lifestyle tours here:

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