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Top Biosecurity Protocols in Colombia for COVID-19

Top Biosecurity Protocols in Colombia for COVID-19

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Here’s a basic overview of Biosecurity Protocols in Colombia, for Covid-19, and what that means to YOU when you venture out again.

Biosecurity Protocols in Colombia for COVID-19

Colombia, a natural paradise has become one of the top destinations for travel and lifestyle. This is complemented by a culture which places an extremely high value on personal hygiene.

It is our sincere hope that environmental consciousness, common sense and sustainability wins the Biosecurity Protocols in Colombia over the long term.

Covid-19 Manizales

This culture is reflective within many industrial facilities as well. People have it in their nature here to be very clean, no matter what they are doing.

Basic Protocols

For the most part cities are willing to follow guidelines set by entities like the Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud), in Colombia – or the WHO (World Health Organization). But, this is also heavily influenced by politics.

Here are some of the basic guidelines for Biosecurity Protocols in Colombia during times of Coronavirus. Sources are listed below.

  • “In coordination with the territorial entity, prepare and implement an update plan, once the current contingency is exceeded, which must contain the measures to be taken: such as extension of days and times of vaccination, increase of vaccination points, increase in installed capacity, access routes, channeling due to induced demand, among others, and to respond to the search for the population that is the object of the permanent program, national campaign against measles rubella (postponed until a new date according to the current situation by COVID- 19) and a day to search for a population susceptible to yellow fever.” [2]
  • Everyone must have soap, towels, cleaning and disinfection materials, to reduce transmission.
  • Door to Door vaccinations campaigns will be performed.
  • No more hand shaking, hugging or kissing.
  • Health workers in particular must not work if they show symptoms until a test is taken or they show signs of wellness – although follow up will be performed to ensure they aren’t a risk.
  • People must keep a two meter distance and adequate ventilation between themselves and workers in establishments at all times.
  • Health workers MUST wear Surgical masks, and they must be changed when they become humid.
  • Wash hands Fives times per day.
  • Necessary biosecurity materials include

Everyday Use Biosecurity Equipment:

  • Facemask (mandatory)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Hand cleaner (provided in all public places)

It is important to note that disposable face masks have greatly reduced efficiency if they are used continuously. Reusable cloth face masks ARE permitted in Colombia.

Biosecurity Equipment for Health Professionals in Covid-19 Situations: [2]

  • Long antifluid gown.
  • Surgical mask
  • Glasses, visor or mask.
  • Gloves must be distributed one pair per day, at the correct size of each user to ensure proper function.
  • Hair Cap
  • Uniform underneath to be washed after every shift.
  • All materials must be disposed of in red bags.

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Protocol 666 – March 12th, 2020 – A Basic Overview [3]

Object: Adopt General Biosecurity Protocols in Colombia for all social, economic and public administration activities to minimize transmission.

Note: This protocol doesn’t apply to the health sector.

Application: To anyone who is outside their home working during the health emergency. Private, public and informal.

Responsibility: All employers and anyone who contracts personnel must observe the Biosecurity Protocols in Colombia.

All responsible parties must do the following:

  1. Adopt the new norm and teach their employees to conform to the new biosecurity protocols.
  2. Report suspicious cases to health authorities.
  3. Provide personal protective equipment to all employees.
  4. Promote all personnel having CoronaApp tracing application in their cell phones to ensure responsible conduct.
  5. All employees must report suspicious cases of other employees or employers to health authorities.
  6. The regional secretary overseeing economic activities is responsible to report noncompliance to the territorial representative of the Ministry of Trabajo (work).

Expiration: Remains in effect as long as the Declared State of Health Emergency continues.

A quick note regarding Protocol 666: The irony of the name/date circumstances haven’t been lost on us, nor the “see something, say something” nature of it.

Telling on others is a slippery slope and we always recommend NOT reporting suspicions. Snitching or tattle tales never end up in happy places, and we do not condone this type of behavior. We are all responsible for taking care of our own health, not the behavior or choices of others.

Innovative Products for Covid-19 Biosecurity

There are some interesting products which have become available on the market to slow down transmission of COVID-19. Check for them at your nearest medical supplier.

  • N95 Readimask Strapless Facemask: Designed with a hypoallergenic medical adhesive, you won’t find a better seal to fog-proof your glasses or goggles.
  • Air-Queen Nano Mask: Using nano-fiber filtration and a tighter seal, you will have less moisture accumulation and finer filtration.
  • USA Made COVID-19 Self-Administered Test Kits: Designed to streamline testing, results are available in 15 minutes.
  • UV Clean Room Sterilizer: Lights which can be swept carefully over surfaces to disinfect and clean in a sustainable way.
  • Nano-Steam Disinfection Gun: Quickly and efficiently disinfect surfaces in your home and office. Features ergonomic design and temperature controls.

These are designed for home or workplaces, and are being used by innovative leaders in Biosecurity Protocols via the latest technology.


We are in strange new times. For the duration of the current declared state of emergency people are being told to live in bubbles of “being healthy.” Mental health is stretched thin due to the anxiety of “having symptoms” and being sent home.

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