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Year In Review 2020 – Coffee Axis Travel Website

Year In Review 2020 – Coffee Axis Travel Website

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Where we do what NO one would ever dare to do, and we show you our ACTUAL real analytics through jetpack which counts views/visits for Coffee Axis Travel (dot) com.

By following these trends you will be able to determine whether my audience is a good fit for the service or product you are offering.

What is Coffee Axis Travel?

Keep reading, or scroll down a bit, for a list of links to our top articles in 2020!

OUR MISSION: It has always been our desire to promote local lifestyles, gastronomy and immersive culture tourism in the Coffee Axis of Colombia.

OUR VALUES: Support local communities as much as possible. This means we will contract with local guides/services, spend money at local restaurants/bars/coffee shops, and buy local handcrafts, or food products.

This is an online project that is funded by voluntary contributions by local business owners in exchange for marketing and promotion. Our goal is always to keep the lights turned on, fund new content, and promote local services/products of high value and quality.

We DO NOT use Google ads, click bank or Facebook ads. Our belief is that EXCELLENT CONTENT is the KING of the world wide inter webs. We would rather develop a Moderate audience of people who are HIGHLY ENGAGED, rather than a MASSIVE audience of barely-interested information vampires.

People who use our services for Touristic Interpretation, have reported that they found our experience/information to be relevant, complete and up-to-date local opportunities. We have learned to be very flexible with the growing pains of tourism in Colombia.

Year-End Analysis of Content

coffee axis travel

The keyword COFFEE AXIS TRAVEL either by Social Media or Google Search, has landed 1,567 views on the main page of the website. This is the top of the list where it says “home page / archives

Right behind it are the two pueblo travel guides for Viterbo, Caldas, and Aranzazu, Caldas – both previously unknown destinations which have raised a lot of interest from our audience.

Fourth on the list is “Why We Live in Colombia” proving once again that the Coffee Axis and Colombia, are receiving a lot of interest by people who want to come here to live either seasonally, or permanently.

Behind it are 20 Colombian Coffee Axis Travel Destinations 2020 edition, where people can learn more about what we feel are the 20 most interesting pueblos of the region.

The most popular Gastronomy article on Coffee Axis Travel, was our piece about Selva Bistro, which has received, as of January 2021 – almost 300 views. If only 10% went to the restaurant, and spent 30,000 pesos – only one time, the owners have earned their investment plus a profit, in only a couple months after publishing. An excellent ROI – when working with an ORGANIC following like this one.

The Top 12 Articles of 2020

  1. Viterbo Caldas Destination Guide
  2. Aranzazu Caldas Destination Guide
  3. Why We Live in Colombia
  4. Top 20 Colombian Coffee Axis Destinations 2020
  5. A Good Life in Manizales Vs. Pereira
  6. To Live Successfully in Colombia You Must Be Deeply Motivated
  7. Secret Gardens | Pereira, Colombia
  8. Coronavirus Attacks the Colombian Coffee Axis
  9. People of the Coffee Axis | Guillermo “Guigo” Gomez
  10. Top Biosecurity Protocols in Colombia for COVID 19
  11. Selva Bistro Pereira | Taste of the Coffee Region
  12. Process For Buying Real Estate in Colombia

Where are my readers?

A year of stats via

Our Ranking for Google Search Keywords

For the keyword COFFEE AXIS TRAVEL – here’s what comes up:

We have a strong ranking factor when someone searches the English translation of “Eje Cafetero,” or coffee axis.

This also means that we do not rely on Facebook exclusively for our traffic. In fact, 2021 will be a year of looking for a “new Facebook” where we can move our information in front of serious travelers, who still want a special experience.

Feel free to peruse our top picks – YOU were the one who chose! If you would like to help us fund more content like this in 2021, be sure to follow us on Patreon – where for the cost of a cup of coffee, you can help us keep the lights on.

If you are a small locally owned business in the Coffee Axis, and you would like visibility with our audience of interested travelers and home-buyers, then email us today via or send us a message on our Facebook page!

Coffee Axis Travel Urgently Needs Your Help!

As the pandemia takes its toll on the economy, many of us are struggling to keep it all together. We want to put up a new project that will help us keep this website alive, while bringing the experience to YOU wherever you are!

By clicking the previous link you are helping us create a 4D Gallery Experience where visitors and locals can connect with distant parts of the Colombian Coffee Axis – and bring it home as a memory!

This and all future funds will be used to build a startup with the gallery while funding future travel to continue to bring you the information you need!

About the author

Coffee Axis Adventures and Expat Lifestyles meet Wit and Wordpress! I have been writing my whole life in one form or another, and blogging since 2012. My career as a professional writer began in 2013 and this is what I have been doing ever since! My personal mission: Create love and appreciation for local brands, products and entrepreneurial projects of value and quality. Do my part to participate in and help create, a strong local economy that supports local people and their families!

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