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Travel Experiences

Our Travel Experiences are one-of-a-kind VIP treatment which will reveal the class and culture of the Coffee Axis!

Manizales Tango

In this 3 hour experience, you are going to be immersed in a unique world in terms of Manizales culture. Drink coffee from the top of a skyscraper with a 360 degree view of Manizales and the surrounding mountains. Then, take a historic walking tour of el Centro.

Finally, feast your ears and feet on a dance experience which will take you inside a culture which has been around for more than 100 years here in the City of Open Doors. The Argentinian Dances.

During our exclusive Argentinian Dance/Rhythm Workshop our guests will learn about the orchestras, genres and the variety of rhythms which you will hear at a Milonga (or tango dance party).  The final portion will be basic steps and technique (depending on skill level). All ages and physical capacities are welcome!

Our guests will receive VIP treatment and a tour that is molded to their unique interests and abilities! This tour lasts 3 hours.  Cost: 300,000 COP/ person (Discount for 2 or more).

Pereira VIP Lifestyle Experience

The only walking tour of its type, we will blow the doors off of Pereira as we take you inside the legends, history, art and culture. Savor exotic fruits, learn the Masonic secrets, visit our recommended emerald dealer and discover the most famous local hangouts. Note that this is a tour which we mold to your tastes and preferences, don’t hesitate to make your needs known!

Our typical tour lasts 2-3 hours. All physical capacities and special needs will be taken into account. Cost: 200,000 COP/person (Discount 2 or more)

Manizales VIP Lifestyle Experience

Dive into the only English walking tour of its type. Come along with us and discover the history, legends, secrets and culture of the City of Open Doors. During this 4 hour tour we will wander the streets of el Centro.

Activities include drinking coffee from the top of a skyscraper with 270-360 degree views (great for taking panoramic pictures), a visit to Chipre, the 100 year legacy of tango, plus the only “calle del tango” in the world. Wander with us through “la Galeria” a large food plaza which sells everything from fresh meat to exotic fruits and traditional farm supplies, bric-a-brac and herbs.

Our typical tour lasts 2-3 hours. All physical capacities and special needs or interests will be taken into account. Cost: 175,000 or ~$50 USD

Additional Information

We are offering travel interpretation services which are without equal in the Coffee Axis! Prepare to experience the best of the best in terms of quality and uniqueness. Our exclusive travel opportunities are available on a very limited basis but are guaranteed to create one-of-a-kind itineraries which other travel services either won’t know about, or even know how to offer. Each trip is carefully curated by our travel professionals who can offer security, language support and information.

All of our travel opportunities include professional high resolution photography which will be sent to you within a few days after we return. The pictures will feature slight adjustments for light enhancements and quality but no major edits.

EQUIPMENT: Camera/Smartphone/Microphone

For general / work / booking inquiries please contact me