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Taste of the Coffee Axis | El Lugar Nordico Gourmet Cuisine

Taste of the Coffee Axis | El Lugar Nordico Gourmet Cuisine

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Imagine the perfect date. You arrive at a place that is full of silence, birds, and soft but warm breezes. The food is well-prepared, all is delivered at the same time, and served properly. This is only the beginning of what you will find at El Lugar Nordico in Pereira, Risaralda!

El Lugar Nordico Gourmet Cuisine

A reputation for excellence and the number one restaurant in Pereira – according to TripAdvisor, you can set your sights high. El Lugar Nordico has broken the norm with their European style kitchen, cuisine and standards of service.

Call for reservations: +57 036-313-2276 / 321-558-4848



Mission Statement

El Lugar Nordico operates on a single motto:

If it is worth doing, it is worth doing it well! – Jorn Ludvigsen, Chef & Co-Founder 

Since 2016, their vision has been to implement a concept of fresh local ingredients fused with Nordic and European style recipes. This concept has allowed the fusion of local products which are not found in the European and Nordic marketplace. El Lugar Nordico has been able to create a traditional European/international style kitchen with a local twist.
They present international flavors as an alternative to the predominantly regional Colombian cuisine. This concept has placed El Lugar Nordico in a very small niche with an ongoing focus on quality that is based on organic products and, if possible, ecological products.


All guests of the hotel will have the distinct privilege of enjoying breakfast – as only El Lugar Nordico serves it. Varieties of cheese, freshly baked bread, eggs served al gusto, fresh marmelade, juice and coffee. This is only part of the deliciousness. Birdsong, a beautiful view and the perfect temperature will accompany you as you break your fast in a place that is tranquil and quiet.


Come with the expectation of International cuisine and the special preparations which come along with it! With a combination of local flavors, traditional ingredients and a precise crafting of flavors and textures, this is a special treat. A break from the norm, if you will. Their menu is extensive, but you can still create your own plate if you don’t see something you like. From open face sandwiches to multi-course meals featuring appetizers, soups, main dishes and even home-made desserts, there really aren’t any limits. This is food crafted based on French kitchen techniques, Danish recipes and local flavors.


The basics of dinner, is to pick a meat, find your flavor zone – and see what happens. Same as with the lunch options, you can order off the menu from Danish traditional recipes fused with local ingredients, or you can put together your own taste sensation. Don’t worry, their chef and wait staff can help to guide the process by asking you if you prefer something salty, sour, sweet or spicy, picking a meat and then narrowing it down to help you find what you really want.

Special Events

One of the specialties of El Lugar Nordico, is their unique flair and style for hosting events. From small and focused business meetings to medium size conferences, weddings or anniversaries, they can accommodate your every need in a variety of environments up to 120 participants:

  • Formal, but small dining room.
  • Small meeting/convention room with technology options.
  • Large dining area for large events.
  • Living room environment for family tea/coffee visitation.
  • Small but intimate bar space for a few dignified drinks.
  • Medium sized covered dining/cafe area with green surroundings.

As you can see, the options are almost limitless. Expect the best in service, catering and event planning. Professionalism is the rule and not the exception.

El Lugar Nordico Boutique Hotel

While food is the centerpiece, the perfect compliment is their exclusive hotel rooms. Only three rooms are available but each one comes with Scandinavian imported beds which offer comfort as well as quality. The rooms are designed in the Nordic minimalist style with an emphasis on little to no electronic disturbance in order to conserve sleep quality, rest potential and comfort.


Are words alone ever enough to express the quality and atmosphere of a place that you, your friends and all you co-workers should know about? Of course not. And, here we try to give you a glimpse of the sumptuous elegance yet Nordic minimalistic simplicity that has been invested into this place.

Call for reservations: +57 036-313-2276 / 321-558-4848



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