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How Can I Get English to Spanish Translation in Colombia?

How Can I Get English to Spanish Translation in Colombia?

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Visa requirements, marriage, export/import operations, registration of new products and foreign businesses, are only a few of the instances where a Certified English to Spanish Translation (or Spanish to English) may be necessary.

TTO – Traducciones técnicas y oficiales – Juan Alejandro Berrio Salazar

A self-taught English speaker, Juan Alejandro Berrio Salazar has been studying and using the language for most of his life. At a young age he began his schooling at Colegio Granadino, one of the top private bilingual schools in Manizales, Colombia. During college he helped friends with translations and English papers that they were having trouble with. Upon graduation he received an offer to work with freelance translation, and that is what he has been doing ever since!

English to Spanish Translation

He tells how he lives his life immersed for the constant practice. Television, movies and radio are all sought out and used in English only. As a translator he constantly works to learn new ways to communicate effectively and deliver quality to his clients.

His certifications include:

  • Certificado de Idoneidad No. 469 Sept/2016
  • TOEFL Certificate – C1, advanced level of English fluency.
  • English To Spanish – Spanish to English

Clients include names like la Dian, Lehman, Bosch, Arcan and more! He has even worked with celebrities, most recently the tennis player Roger Federer.

Language Translation and Interpretation are necessary parts of life in Colombia as a foreign resident. In certain cases you must have a Certified or Official translation to meet visa prerequisites or engage in business/product activities.

Cel/WhatsApp: +57 313 660 2099 Email:


We are going to review some of the situations where an official translation is required.

Marriage Visa in Colombia

Love is the spice of life, and you just found yours. To get a marriage visa in Colombia you must present an official or certified translation of your birth certificate along with an official declaration that you are in fact, single. On the official website (Cancilleria), it even goes so far as to declare that all documents from the exterior (except of course your passport), must have an official translation and apostille. That means even the divorce decree!

Exporting/Importing a Product

Whether you are positioning your product in the exterior, or bringing an exterior product in – Alejandro and his team can help. They can help you create the information you need to sell your product in Colombia.

Applying for a Business Visa

Especially if you are working with products or multinationals from the exterior, you may need translation assistance for starting a new business.

Additional Language Translation Services

Technical translation services such as websites, user manuals, thesis papers, campaigns, flyers and presentations are also available. Prices will vary according to level of technicality, quantity of information and precision based tasks such as legal language.

Beyond the English language, Alejandro and his team can also assist with German, French and Brazilian Portuguese. Contact them today to receive a free quote for the services you need.

Cel/WhatsApp: +57 313 660 2099 Email:


Alejandro and his team can also assist with interpreting services. The need can range from tourism to business. When clarity is a must, they can help you give or receive the best message possible.

Interpreting can be performed in two ways. Directly on the spot – with all parties present, or via remote headset. Simultaneous interpretation is the most accurate, with after-the-fact explanation requiring a good shorthand and/or note-taking skills.

What Previous Clients are Saying…

Alejandro has been translating documents for us since Nov. 016 (maybe longer than that). He has always given us fair rates for his services, always followed instructions and we see how he is very open to receiving suggestions and the assignments have always been delivered on time. Thank you Alejandro for your professionalism and your willingness to help.

Indy V. Florida, USA

Alejandro is very professional, he has helped me with a lot of legal translations here in the UAE, I wouldn’t think of going to anyone else.

Monica B. United Arab Emirates

Se recibió un muy buen servicio por parte se Alejandro cumpliendo todas las necesidades de manera oportuna, la información fue muy clara para ambas partes y el conocimiento del lenguaje técnico hace que TTO sea la opción más completa a la hora de servicios de traductor

Camilo V. Colombia

Personable and Professional

We found Alejandro and his team to be very personal, yet professional. Their average turnaround time can range from 1-3 business days depending on quantity and complexity, for up to 20 pages.

Note: Juan Alejandro does have his US Visa and is available to travel as needed for English to Spanish Translation, or when the situation requires it.

For more information contact TTO via phone or WhatsApp via +57 313 660 2099 or by email at

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