How many of my readers dream of the perfect cup of coffee? This is the story about how our passion for coffee is bringing a special piece of Colombia from the heart of Coffee Country straight to YOUR breakfast table.

The Story of Specialty Colombian Coffees

Once upon a time, in a lush, exotic place named Colombia – there was a coffee farmer. He toiled endlessly alongside his workers to create a coffee of value, high esteem and a full bodied flavor profile which would be the envy of his competitors.

Our Coffee is cultivated by small local farmers using sustainable practices.

But wait! There is a flaw to this story. All the high quality coffee was exported leaving him with the over-processed trash of coffee production – called Pasilla. And that is what he drank with his family.

When drying and fermentation is complete it is packed in jute sacks and brought to the coffee mill.

The family worked hard and sacrificed in order to ensure that their children would get a good education. When those children went away to college, they discovered that the product their parents had toiled to produce – was actually quite marvelous.

Only the best coffee which is milled to ensure that it is plague or imperfection-free, and then the fresh green coffee is packed.

From their classmates, teachers and local cultural cafe’s, they learned about the incredible taste and properties of the coffee which their parents had always shipped to far away lands. Instead of becoming doctors and lawyers, the children went to Barista school and became the 4th wave of coffee culture.

We use GrainPro bags, a quality market leader to ensure your coffee is sealed well and kept fresh.

Now, they are bringing high quality Colombian coffee to your breakfast table. They are also teaching their neighbors back home how to drink great coffee.

The 4th Wave:The children (the 3rd wave), creating businesses for export, ensuring sustainable production practices while preserving the cupping quality. The 4th wave comes from the children of coffee farmers who deliver their high quality coffee directly to consumers skipping several layers of middle-man from export to import to coffee brokers who sell to roasters who sell to coffee shops.

The End.

Or, is it only the beginning?

From Farm to YOUR Cup

Specialty Colombian Coffees is a special partnership between Ruben Dario Salazar from Apia, Risaralda, Erin Donaldson from Reno, Nevada USA, and Oscar del Rio, from Cartago, Valle del Cauca. Each has a very special relationship with this small but important thunder bean.

Specialty Colombian Coffees Import Guide from Erin Donaldson

It is our mission to ensure we purchase, pack and ship coffee, that is sustainably grown for fair trade prices, even if it is purchased above current market prices. We care about bringing you the best Fresh Green Colombian Coffee from Colombia to YOUR cup – while supporting the families who worked hard to produce it.

Fresh Green Colombian Coffee
The real people behind the brand. Oscar (left) is our buyer, and Erin (right) is our marketer/sales representative. Both are based in Colombia.

We are here for roasters, coffee shops and consumers, or hobbyists – who want to experiment with creating their own special blends or roasting profiles.

We have coffee available (SPOT), in Jacksonville, Florida in a temperature controlled warehouse by Dupont Group. See Hub Cropster (link) for our current inventory, or below for our contact information.

For information about how you can buy fresh Specialty Colombian Coffees – call or WhatsApp +57 312 794 8245 (Manizales, Colombia) or +1 239 284 5886 (Florida, USA), you can also email

We are able to ship to all 50 states.

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We are here to guarantee the best coffee drinking experience available to American consumers with all our love and passion for Colombias finest export!