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How to Eat Great Steak in Pereira – Dosquebradas, Colombia

How to Eat Great Steak in Pereira – Dosquebradas, Colombia

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Steak, a dietary standard handed down to us from the cave men. This is our recommendation on How to Eat Steak in Pereira, Colombia. At La Era Carne a la Piedra, you will get premium quality aged cuts while enjoying a unique experience!

How to Eat Steak in Pereira

The restaurant we are recommending is in Dosquebradas, which is a city that is across the river, but next to Pereira, Colombia. For people who don’t know the region we are calling it Pereira as a point of reference.

Info: La Era Carne a La Piedra Facebook 300 454 6804


Calle 22 #22-112, La Pradera, Dosquebradas, Risaralda


Hours: Tues-Sat 12 pm – 10 pm
Sundays & Holidays 12 pm to 9 pm

Please note: This is more than just a steak, but an entire experience that we think you are going to love! This is a great place for dates, family events, birthdays, anniversaries or that one day where you decide to eat out and do some self-care. 

How to Eat Steak in Pereira

Beef is quite common in Colombia. It is part of the basic diet. What isn’t common however is a more American or European preparation style which involves aging the meat and certain cuts which your local butcher may or may not be familiar with.

La Era Carne a La Piedra

La Era – Just as it is written, it is about “the era,” or the time going back to cave men who figured out how to kill meat and cook it on a grill with hot rocks. 

Carne a la Piedra – Refers to a hot volcanic rock which is heated up to 300 – 400 degrees celsius. Meat is then served on these hot rocks so it can retain it’s heat AND you can grill it to the desired finish you want. 

Volcanic Rock Steak

When meat is grilled on a hot volcanic rock it preserves the taste and quality by eliminating contaminants from teflon, iron, aluminum and traditional cook tops. The rocks are cleaned only with vinegar which removes the grease but leaves no taste behind only the natural flavor and quality of the meat. 

Beyond the cleanliness, this is an experience that is fun and highly recommended for the whole family or a night out with someone special. 

European and Argentinian Cuts of Aged Beef

Part of what makes La Era Carne a la Piedra stand out, are the specialty cuts of aged beef which reflect Argentinian and European traditions for handling and finish.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular plates chosen by clients which La Era has to offer…



How to Eat Steak in Pereira


How to Eat Steak in Pereira

Corte Europeo


Volcanic Rock Steak


Lomo Tropical en Laminas

How to Eat Steak in Pereira

Torneo con Bacon

La Era Carne a La Piedra


Pollo Gratinado

La Era Carne a la Piedra




Childrens Plate

La Era Carne a la Piedra


Patatas Bravas

La Era Carne a la Piedra

 Gambas al Ajillo

Quesadilla La Era

Steak in Pereira

About Bibiana Rodriguez

The master chef of La Era Carne a la Piedra is Bibiana Rodriguez. Her experience as a traveler and student of cuisine is what brings the excellence and quality of La Era. She spent 16 years in Europe learning how beef is prepared. At one point she learned some of her preparation styles from an Argentinian chef. Overall she spent two years in Germany and the rest in Spain learning about their gastronomy and preparation styles. 

It’s important to note, that all her studies taught her about the different cuts and maturation for Argentinian and European cuts.  Later, a trip to Switzerland brought a whole new element to her kitchen techniques and captivated her imagination. It was during this brief visit that she discovered the volcanic rock grilling and it’s benefits in eliminating contaminants while preserving the flavor of the meat.

She realized upon her return to Colombia that people were going to nice restaurants but weren’t getting their meat exactly as they wanted. Pereira is very much a red meat eating city.

It was then and there that she decided to recreate the volcanic rock grilling experience in Colombia by teaching people How to Eat Great Steak in Pereira (Dosquebradas) in a pure and contaminant free way which allowed them to enjoy the flavor of quality meat.

Plan Your Next Special Event

La Era Carne a la Piedra is a popular place for special events with friends and family. Wedding receptions, anniversaries, quincena (15th birthday), romantic dinners and corporate lunches are only a few of the options you can choose from.

No they don’t offer catering but you CAN reserve the dining room or only a couple tables for your next gathering of family and friends.

How to Get To La Era Carne a la Piedra

If you want to learn how to eat steak in Pereira (Dosquebradas), then let us show you where to go for this unique experience. 

Info: 300 454 6804 


Calle 22 #22-112, La Pradera, Dosquebradas, Risaralda
Hours: 12 pm – 10 pm Tuesday through Saturday
Sundays & Holidays 12 pm to 9 pm

The restaurant is near Lago La Pradera for people who know the area. It is a gastronomy sector that has grown a lot in recent years. Look at the following map.

La Era Carne a la Piedra

For people who know the area La Era is around the corner from Iglesia La Pradera. Count on the staff to assist, as needed, to help you park or call a taxi. 

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