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Personalized Image Consulting in Pereira | Hair – Nails – Barber

Personalized Image Consulting in Pereira | Hair – Nails – Barber

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A great way to jumpstart your life abroad, is with Image Consulting in Pereira. An English speaking hair salon that is like something out of the movie Barbershop.

At Beauty Hair Salon in Pereira Colombia, you can expect friendly attendants, warm professionalism, and modern standards of biosecurity with clean environment precautions. Cut your hair, fix your nails, add eyelashes, and organize that beard, or even apply permanent make-up, with great value and quality.

Image Consulting in Pereira

When I walked in to Elena Benjumea’s hair salon called “Beauty,” I really didn’t know what to expect. The first thing I noticed was that every surface was clean. The local (commercial space) has been carefully maintained and organized to give visitors a sense of relaxation and peace.

My Image Consulting in Pereira

Immediately, I was greeted warmly and effusively by Elena and her staff. Erika Laya, the salons stylist/colorist, looked at me insightfully as she greeted me and began to suggest changes. We agreed on platinum blond highlights with coppery red thrown into the mix. It was time for a makeover.

From there, I gave Erika a creative liberty to throw everything she had at me. And, I came away impressed. By the time she had finished putting the color foils in my hair I had to go teach an English student. Hopefully I didn’t give anyone a heart attack with my Doña Florinda bit as I walked the block to my students’ office to deliver their lesson.

By the time I returned, it was time to go to the wash station and then I began to see the results. Bright blond highlights in the front and around the underneath part for someone like me who almost always wears ponytails. Copper chunks were added for a finishing touch. Total makeover.

That night when I came home my mother greeted me asking how everything went. Suddenly, she started and said, “whoa – your hair is different!” A bright change for me, she was pleasantly surprised with my new look, but by morning she was telling me that she liked it.

Image Consulting in Pereira
This Hair Salon in Pereira Colombia is easy to get to. Starting at Plaza Bolivar, go two blocks on Calle 19 (in the direction of Rio Otun), Turn right onto Carrera 5 (quinta), and go a block and a half. It will be on the right hand side.

This process is called Image Consulting, in Pereira, Colombia – is a great way to jump-start your career, self-esteem, professional image, or to start feeling good about yourself and the tropical overseas lifestyle you are creating here.

Life is too short, and change is always good!

Image Consulting by Erika

Erika Laya, originally from Caracas, Venezuela is a professional singer by night and hairstylist by day. She is a talented professional who understands how to work with a variety of hair types and textures.

As a colorist, it is Erika’s job to be able to evaluate the color, tone and texture of her clients hair, and suggest appropriate changes. Part of it relates to the contrast with your natural skin tone, and the rest is a personality appeal that follows but brings out your personal identity.

Keep in mind that for her to do her job, you must be completely transparent about current or previous treatments like Keratin, which can affect the color outcome. If something does occur, Beauty guarantees their work, and will fix the mistake at no additional cost.

Nails by Leslie

With more than 8 years of experience, Leslie Sandoval is a bright upbeat girl with attention to detail and a natural creativity for beautiful nails. It is her job to listen and add her own intuition to the design and appearance of your nails. She recommends that every 3 times you come in to do a semi-permanent, to take a break for one month, and let your nails rest.

All tools are cleaned with a special chemical that kills all bacteria. Finally, they are placed under a UV sterilizing light that will add the extra fungal/bacteria prevention to your experience.

I liked how she used an easy to clean, “grinding machine,” to buff, and gently remove the cuticle while leaving a slightly porous but workable surface for the semi-permanent. No jabbing, poking or digging. Especially if you are a bit sensitive, I liked her soft touch when working with me.

Men’s Barber and Technical Instructor by Luis Miguel

In Latin America, men add a few extra style details to their haircut and beard trim. A clean cut, appropriately sculpted beard serves to enhance appearance while adding a much needed boost to your self-esteem, is a natural part of Colombian Barber culture.

Much like Erika’s image consulting, Luis will evaluate your potential and make suggestions. I suggest giving him the creative liberty to show what he can do.

Domicilio – To Your Home

If you are in the outskirts of Pereira (cerritos/mercasa/combia), you can ask about Domicilio/In-Home services with a surcharge of 30,000 COP per household. A stylist, or nail consultant will come to your home to organize you and your family. Please communicate your general needs prior so they can bring the correct tools/products. Great solution to prepare for your next party, wedding, anniversary, or simply save the time and money traveling into town and back.

About the Owners

Image Consulting in Pereira ColombiaElena Benjumea, head stylist and owner, studied hair, and nails, at a Miami, Florida (USA) tech college prior to beginning her 23+ year stylist career in Orlando. Together with her husband Rob Grassano, a Vermont native, they opened Beauty Hair and Nails, in Pereira, Colombia over one year ago.

Describing her passion for Beauty, she says “I love to see people happy, and to see the end result when they give me a great big smile!”

Today she is the owner of a beauty salon in Pereira who speaks English perfectly, understands American and Colombian culture, while ensuring a quality experience. For a seamless attention that will give you a fresh look, Beauty Hair, Barber and Nails is a great option for local expats.

Additional Services

Aside from image consulting in Pereira, hair, nails and men’s barber, Beauty is also offering special tattoo services which include eyebrows and permanent make-up. They have a special private area of the salon where you can apply permanent features to save time and money while looking your best. With a professional tattoo artist who comes in with a previous appointment, why not organize that permanent look?

Contact Beauty Hair and Nails

For a high quality Image Consulting in Pereira, guaranteeing a friendly experience – Beauty Hair, Barber and Nails is a complete package for him and her. Customer service is based on American standards. Expect coffee, water or tea to keep you in a great mood from start to finish.

Hair Salon in Pereira Colombia

NOTE: Like other beauty services in Colombia, no refunds; but accidents can happen, so your results are guaranteed at no additional cost.

English Contact: 321 430 2076

Spanish: 320 422 1343

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday @ 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM – Monday by appointment only.



Address: Carrera 5 #17 – 55

Image consulting in Pereira is a great way to open new opportunities for yourself as you turn over a new leaf externally with a new look, and internally via the newfound confidence you are going to feel. Welcome to Pereira, a city without doors!

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