Finding great deals isn’t easy. But, every so often an Investment Real Estate deal comes along that is absolutely incredible – the kind of thing you only see once! We were lucky enough to pick up one of these properties and we are keeping it a closely guarded secret for serious buyers for only $115,000 USD. No joke! Keep reading. Update: This property has been SOLD.

Investment Real Estate – Manizales Colombia

In the heart of the Colombian Coffee Region, are opportunities which haven’t existed in placees like Medellin, or even Bogota for at least the last 10 years. They are limited time offers which won’t come around again once the gringo parade begins.

This post was originally written to sell a house in Manizales which represented a massive square footage for a fraction of the market price. It was 260 square meters for 350,000,000 COP (~100,000 USD).

Due to the finish work and location, it was a tremendously good deal. It sold not long after this article was originally posted. Offers like that probably won’t come around again.

Check back frequently for new opportunities which may arise or contact us for more information or to learn about our Real Estate Consulting which is focused on helping you find what you really want, at a fair price – with boots on the ground information.


Contact us ASAP to schedule your viewing, this property isn’t going to be on the market for long once we start doing the showings. Our phone number is +57 312 794 8245 or you can email us at

Oh, by the way – it’s a Strata THREE apartment = cheap utilities. Also, the owner is only the second title holder after the person who built the building – which means your taxes are DIRT CHEAP.

The title is clean, clear of debt and ready to be transferred.