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Finding great deals isn’t easy. But, every so often an Investment Real Estate deal comes along that is absolutely incredible – the kind of thing you only see once! We were lucky enough to pick up one of these properties and we are keeping it a closely guarded secret for serious buyers for only 225,000,000 COP (~$59,000 USD ) No joke! Keep reading! This property is available on the market as of October 19th, 2020.

House For Sale – Real Estate – Manizales Colombia

This is the actual view from the upper terrace.

In the heart of the Colombian Coffee Region, are opportunities which haven’t existed in placees like Medellin, or even Bogota for at least the last 10 years. They are limited time offers which won’t come around again once the gringo parade begins.

This post was originally written to sell a house in Manizales which was a massive apartment for a fraction of the market price. It was 260 square meters for 350,000,000 COP (~100,000 USD). It quickly sold.

Offers like this rarely come around, however, and I was lucky to pick up our newest featured property only recently, in October of 2020. To schedule a viewing, write us at +57 312 794 8245 via WhatsApp.

Check back frequently for new opportunities which may arise or contact us via Check out our Real Estate Consulting which is focused on helping you find what you really want, at a fair price, quickly – with exclusive boots-on-the-ground advantages and information.

Large house in Minitas Barrio, of Manizales, Caldas, in Colombia

The front parking area is a great space for exercising during weekends or quarantine.

Basic Details: This is a tri-level home. 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath, spacious living room, dining room, large kitchen, back patio (lower), back terrace (upper level), front porch which doubles as covered parking for one car or several motorcycles and/or bicycles.

Note: As the house is painted and organized to be sold, I will upload more pictures of the interior and exterior spaces. This could be set up as an AirBnB with nature access, rented out for mid-to-long term periods, or remodeled as an investment in future opportunities!

People underestimate the tranquility of this neighborhood, because they don’t know what I know about this Investment Real Estate property: That much of Manizales police, military, nurses and taxi drivers live here.

The benefits? There are a few:

  • Close to nature areas (Reserva Rio Blanco/Quebrada Olivares) for hiking, animals, creek stomping and picnicking. No restrictions for access except during curfew or pico y cedula.
  • Only 5 minutes by car/taxi from Zona Rosa/El Cable.
  • Parking for one car, several motos and/or bicycles.
  • Back terrace with amazing view and hummingbirds (put out at least 2 feeders).
  • Lower back patio for drying clothing, or storing extra items.
  • Super quiet/friendly/calm neighbors. I have walked alone through this neighborhood both day and night without problems. No dar papaya.
  • No houses behind this one, only cow pasture and serenity.
  • Rent Income: 650,000/month in 2020
  • Strata 3, which costs ~180,000 COP/month for basic utilities = gas, electric and water/trash. Internet is separate but for Tigo in 2020 was coming in at 82,000/month.
  • Small fully fenced soccer field only two doors down.

Quiet streets, minimal amounts of crime and LESS LOCKDOWN RESTRICTIONS. During the lockdown, Minitas was the only neighborhood that the mayor didn’t bother, the police didn’t mess with the locals, and generally was the most calm as well. A well kept secret.

The house has a good basic structure, nice floors, ample space, a back terrace with a stunning views, cow pasture and forest behind it, and located on the main bus route. It has direct and easy access to Reserva Rio Blanco for hiking, walking and creek stomping.

Investment Real Estate
Only a few minutes walk away from the house is Reserva Rio Blanco – SHOWN Great place for meditation, yoga out in nature and family picnics.

What nobody else knows about this house, is that the neighbors are long-time home owning residents and very quiet, even compared to other parts of the neighborhood. Great for families because two doors down is a small football field, and a bit farther – a park. Close to nature yet only 5 minutes away from Zona Rosa and Cable, in a car or taxi.


Contact us ASAP to schedule your viewing, this Investment Real Estate isn’t going to be on the market for long, once we start showing this property. Our phone number is +57 312 794 8245 or you can email us at

Oh, by the way – it’s a Strata THREE house = cheap utilities, easy to rent, and low taxes. You won’t find a better Investment Real Estate opportunity in Manizales!