What happens when you mix one Colombian, one Dutchman and tons of travel experience? You find yourself in a place that was made for the footloose world wanderer. Kolibri – is a hostel designed for a traveler who wants all the comfort and amenities at their fingertips, while being well-located.

Durante este siete anos hemos visto un cambio del mercado. Queremos renovar un par de habitaciones para convertirlos en privados. Darle un poco mas estatus, teniendo en cuenta que estamos super bien ubicados, y muy buen calidad. Todo de nuestros productos, que usamos, deben tener sellos verdes. Son mucho mas costosos, pero biodegradables.

Fundador, Alexa Juliana

Hostal Kolibri – Feels like a Bed and Breakfast…with a Restaurant!

One of the first to open its doors, Kolibri boasts amenities and benefits which you won’t find almost anywhere else in the Coffee Region of Colombia. That’s not to say there aren’t other hostels of high quality and great amenities – there are. But, for Pereira, they are one of the first and definitely one of the best doing business today.

Why do we say that?

  • They have been around the longest
  • Employees who have been there not just one, but several years
  • Great quality and consistently good reviews on Trip Advisor
  • They are setting the bar for #Sustainability in this region
  • The mattresses, even in the cheap dorm room – are comfy!
  • Laundry service available
  • Bike rentals
  • Large screen and projector for films, sports, or presentations.
  • Medium sized event space.
  • Multiple social spaces for guests.

During these last seven years we have seen a change in the (local) market. We want to remove a couple of our group dorms, and convert them into private rooms. Give more status, taking into account that we are really well located and striving to attain high quality. All or products must have green stamps on them, ensuring sustainable practices. They cost more but are biodegradable.

Alexa Juliana, Founder of Hostal Kolibri

Escondida Bar – In-House Restaurant

With these amenities, all you have left to do is go explore the Coffee Region. But, in the morning before you depart and at night when you return, there is a nice on-site restaurant.

La Escondida, or the “hidden,” features a low-key relaxing atmosphere which is also great for small events and even meetings. Their prices are extremely competitive for the zone. If you aren’t staying here, come by for a beer or cocktail. Try their amazing fajitas, or ask for a classic hamburger.

Where is it?

Address: Cl. 4 #16-35, Pereira, Risaralda (Zona Rosa/Av. Circunvalar) Website: https://www.kolibrihostel.com Cell/Whatsapp: 321 646 9275

You will find Hostal Kolibri in the Zona Rosa part of Pereira. Be sure to tell your taxi driver “Via Mirador, media cuadra de la avenida.” Or, Lookout Road, Half Block from the Avenue (circunvalar). Within walking distance you will find the Zona Gourmet, a private hospital, Night clubs, bars and great coffee shops.

Sustainability at the Forefront

Travel is becoming very planet-conscious. The average visitor is now examining their choices not only for quality and convenience but for their own promise to help preserve the environment. Kolibri, is no exception. In fact, they are what we consider leaders in sustainability.

Here are all the ways that Hostal Kolibri is checking the boxes regarding environmental conservation:

#1| Rain Water Conservation. The plants and cleaning of Kolibri, use rainwater collected on-site.

#2| Biodegradable Cleaning Agents. While the cost IS higher, all the cleaning is using locally made elements which will bio-degrade within 30 days of use.

#3| Paper straws. Plastic bags are avoided wherever possible as well. No styrofoam used in kitchens. We are going to offer our products through Rappi, but first we will find a producer which can offer us something vegetable based – which will break down.

#4| Motion sensor lights. In almost all their areas are movement sensors to reduce electricity usage as much as possible.

#5| Laundry in reusable baskets. When guests have their clothing picked up, we use baskets to deliver it and return it, in order to avoid plastic bags.

#6| Green spaces. There are plants filling the corners and patios for fresher air, and CO2 reduction. They are watered with rain water which is better for the plants, and takes demand away from municipal water systems.

#7| Bike rentals. By renting bicycles, visitors reduce the demand for city infrastructure with high carbon emissions, like buses and taxis. Pereira is also suffering overloading at this time – so a bike rental can actually reduce transit times as well.

#8| Local legally registered employees. An admirable commitment to the local job market, Kolibri employees are legally registered and with health insurance benefits. They hire bilingual students and graduates from the Technological University of Pereira. For many of their reception and bar employees it is the first formal employment.



Hostal Kolibri is a great one-stop type of place. You can find good quality bottled mineral or spring water. Basics like toothpaste and toothbrushes are also available. But – being able to buy a bar of quality chocolate, is really nice. And these are only a few of the on-site amenities.

  • Hot water and Laundry facilities
  • Video Game, Computer & TV Room
  • Private habitations with private bathrooms
  • Dorm rooms with shared bathrooms
  • On-Site restaurant for breakfast & dinner
  • Smoking balcony with tables, chairs and outlets
  • Non-Smoking social spaces with tables, chairs and outlets
  • On-site shop with souvenirs, local products and necessities
  • Tour & Lifestyle information
  • 24 hour reception
  • Two fully stocked Kitchens for guests
  • Commitment to sustainability

Over time these amenities will change as the hostal focuses more on a Bed and Breakfast platform. This means that more private rooms – private bathrooms will be made available. Quality never came at a better price.

Legal Compliance

Kolibri is 100% committed to helping to prevent and reduce sex tourism. ALL minors traveling alone, with school/sport groups or friends, are required to have explicitly written permission from their parents.

All guests are also required to leave photocopies of their ID’s which are stored in the system. No guests without identification are permitted to stay the night.

Future Development

Kolibri has become a leader on the local market. They are setting an example and maintaining high standards in quality while committing to sustainability and supporting local products and employment.

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Their mission has developed and as they look to the future, they are looking at a transition to being more of a bed and breakfast as they continue to increase quality, while also ensuring affordability. More amenities and concierge services will be added, check back soon as we will update our article as the renovations are closer to completion.


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We are grateful to have Kolibri as one of our sponsors, and proud to be able to recommend their services through our positive hands-on experiences.

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