A Good Life in Manizales vs Pereira | Expat Lifestyle

Having lived in both cities for periods of time, I can tell you what the Pro’s and Con’s are to Life in Manizales vs Pereira, as a foreign resident. There are some distinct benefits and a few disadvantages to each which will define WHO actually has the best chance of creating their ideal lifestyle in each place. Manizales vs Pereira Disclaimer: This is a completely subjective observation based on my own experiences living and working in Manizales vs Pereira. There are ALWAYS exceptions and if you find the right niche/job or opportunity, at that point some of my experiences won’t have much affect on your own. Take my ideas with a grain of salt, but be assured I have experience with everything I am talking about in some way. Yes, I am a bit nosy – I am curious about anything and everything that would affect my public, and I have even wandered down some dark streets a time or two. Pereira A city of not quite one million residents, Pereira has a DISTINCT commercial advantage that defines its position on a regional and national level. Especially during the Covid-19 lockdown, this city was more commercially active than Manizales was, … Continue reading A Good Life in Manizales vs Pereira | Expat Lifestyle