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#1 Montenegro Parque del Cafe Quindio Destination Guide

#1 Montenegro Parque del Cafe Quindio Destination Guide

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Where we show you a unique way to come enjoy, visit one of the Zona Cafetera’s most famous attractions. Montenegro Parque del Cafe Quindio is only 20 minutes from the city limits of Armenia with a warm climate. Expect beautiful scenery and activities for travelers who have families, small children or a desire to limit time spent traveling!

Montenegro Parque del Cafe Quindio Destination Guide

In the heart of Quindio just a few minutes by car or bus from Armenia, is a small pueblo called Montenegro, Quindio. It was established as a municipality, or town in 1911. It’s name came from how the first colonials viewed the terrain: thick, dense vegetation with dark shades of green and black.

Monte = which is woodlands, or forest. Negro = black like the color of the earth in this area. 

Today, the most famous attraction is Parque del Cafe, a Colombian theme park which lies within this municipality and near to a great lodging option which we highly recommend. 

Montenegro Quindio

The principal economic activity of this region is cattle, artisan crafts and agricultural activities which include coffee farming, corn, pineapples etc. Terrain is hilly but not mountainous like in other parts of the Colombian  coffee zone. 

Where to Stay in Montenegro Quindio | Finca El Descanso Parque del Cafe

We have a recommendation that is going to give you your own private paradise AND excellent economy for your next trip so you can enjoy more and save money! 

Parque del Cafe

Finca el Descanso Parque del Cafe is a country villa tucked in the midst of rolling hills, pineapple farms and next to a pony breeding farm. An excellent option for families, you will find plenty of space for playing, safety, and relaxation at a price you won’t find anywhere else. 


  • Swimming pool and adjoining pool bathroom facilities including outdoor shower
  • Main House: 6 Bedrooms/bathrooms – includes 2 Master bedroom suites upstairs. 
  • Agregado (Caretaker) House: 2 Bedrooms/1 Bathroom 
  • Kitchen with basic set of pots, pans, utensils cups etc. Microwave, cooktop, refrigerator.
  • Hot water in all showers of the Main house
  • Dining area with 3 tables plus kitchen bar seats
  • Hammocks, deck chairs, pool safety equipment
  • 2 portable children’s play houses, 2 cribs with mattresses
  • Campfire area with rustic seating 
  • Large grassy area for event tents, parking and/or camping areas

Quick historical note: This part of Quindio was once populated by the Quimbaya indians who buried their dead with treasure, or even hid them in holes in the ground. These treasure troves are called “guacas.” Finca El Descanso has uncovered three guacas and you will see the artifacts displayed in glass display cases with an actual guaca you can even go peek into!

finca el descanso parque del cafe

The farm is near to Pueblo Tapado, a smaller economic area of Montenegro – where you can go to a mini market, eat lunch at Plaza Malaga, snack on ice-cream and stock up on cold drinks/snacks and anything else you could possibly need. 

This farm rents to only ONE group at a time. Minimum fee: $378,000 COP for up to nine (9) people. $42,000 for each additional person up to 27 to 30 people comfortably. 

Follow: @el_descanso_oficial  Facebook:   Book Now  310 416 9843

AirBnB Booking Link:

An inheritance from the patriarch of the family, today the farm is managed by Jorge Enrique Zapata Robledo who decided to make the farm into a touristic paradise where visitors can come, enjoy a quiet environment close to nature yet close to some of the biggest attractions of Quindio. 

Things to do in Montenegro

Montenegro is the theme park capital of the coffee region. There’s a couple big parks and several smaller ones which you can visit without having to travel far. A great destination if you have small children who won’t be as patient to manage on long car rides, then Montenegro is a great option because of so many entertainment opportunities in the same nearby area. 

The main attraction in this sector is Parque del Cafe, a theme park for all ages with amusement park rides, a nice coffee museum and dance show. Great for kids and visitors who don’t have an interest in going from one pueblo to another. Essentially it is a celebration of Colombian coffee culture with a bit of adventure and adrenaline thrown in. 

Parque los Arrieros is another family friendly attraction to visit as well. It’s entire focus is the culture, family life, gastronomy and history of the Mule Teamsters, or Arrieros who brought food, resources and civilization to the rugged mountains of the Colombian Coffee Axis! Great for all ages. Bring your camera!

Learn about all the different varieties of Bamboo and Guadua at the Paraiso del Bambu y La Guadua, a nature reserve which studies and propagates many different varieties of bamboo. The tour takes about 4 hours. Flat ground walking. Bring sturdy hiking shoes or rubber boots during the rainy season as the area can be a bit marshy. Be sure to call ahead to schedule your visit: 312 843 7688 or

Things to do in La Tebaida

Having recently remodeled all of the main plaza plus pedestrian only streets, this is a fun pueblo to come to, wander around, drink fresh locally grown coffee and eat lunch on the way to or coming from International Airport El Eden (AXM/SKAR)

If you are going to spend time in La Tebaida, then head down the calle peatonal, or pedestrian only street. In front of the Casa de Cultura is a pleasant coffee and ice cream shop called Frutty Cafe which opens in the morning. 

La Tebaida Quindio

The main plaza is unique because of the statues of typical animals found in the park and surrounding countryside. In the middle of the plaza are food and drink stands for evening and weekend outings. 

Things to do in Pueblo Tapado

This is the central point between Montenegro and La Tebaida, near the El Descanso Parque del Cafe our recommended lodging! Here you can eat a well-prepared typical lunch, drink a coffee, and  enjoy the view at Plaza Malaga – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Plaza Malaga Quindio

They also have a specialty coffee shop, and wine bar. Come spend the afternoon, use their WiFi for a work project, or bring the whole family for a fun outing near to Finca El Descanso, our recommended lodging option for this part of Quindio. 

Weather and Climate

The Montenegro/La Tebaida side of Armenia is a temperate warm weather microclimate with an average temperature of 70 degrees fareinheit and 21 degrees celsius. Days can get quite warm, nights will be fresh and cool. 

If you are sensitive to the intensity of tropical sun definitely plan to pack a hat. During rainy seasons the mosquitos can be a bit worse so bring bug repellent, a light jacket and long pants with closed toed shoes for walking around in nature.

Most days you will have sun and maybe a bit of rain. It is definitely a bit warmer and drier than Armenia but don’t be surprised if you get a late afternoon rain storm or a soothing night rain. It’s always a good idea to carry an umbrella.

Bonus Recommendation

Jardin Botanico del Quindio is not far from Montenegro, in Calarca – but well worth the slightly longer travel time. Especially if you love walking in nature, but prefer mostly flat terrain, then this is for you. Great for children and senior citizens. Botanic garden and butterfly house. The tour is about 4 hours long and the forest is beautiful.

How to Get to Montenegro Quindio

The next small town leaving Montenegro is La Tebaida, which is also home to El Eden International Airport (AXM). You can find cheap international flights from the US directly to El Eden airport. The two principal operating airlines are EasyFly and Avianca.

From La Tebaida, there is a bus that passes the main park every hour which goes to Pueblo Tapado near where the finca is. We recommend you arrange for a jeep to the finca. Cost is about 50,000 – 75,000 cop. There are numerous shops and grocers to buy food, beer or wine to take with you. 

How to get to Montenegro Quindio

If you are planning a visit to the area then you can actually skip going to Armenia, stay in Montenegro and then take short bus trips to all the surrounding pueblos. Buses to La Tebaida, Armenia and Montenegro pass by the highway near the guesthouse we recommend. 

To go to Quimbaya and Filandia, go to Montenegro. If you want to visit Calarca, Circasia, and Salento, then go to Armenia bus Terminal and catch the connecting routes from there. 


Montenegro Parque del Cafe Quindio

If you found this guide helpful to your next visit to Montenegro, Dept. of Quindio, then here’s SIX touristic pueblos in Quindio which you should check out >>


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