Innovative Orthopedic Medicine Therapies in Pereira, Colombia

Our hands and articulations, are the vehicle of productivity in life. To lose even a little bit of mechanical efficiency, has long reaching effects into every part of our daily existence. Interestingly enough, Pereira is becoming a destination for Innovative Orthopedic Medicine Therapies. My entire life I have had slight issues with my hands. In extreme cold, or anything below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, maybe 10 degrees celsius, I have problems. As far back as I can remember my hands seize up or simply hurt when I come in contact with really cold things. So, my curiosity led me to investigate to try to find, if not a solution, at least an answer. And, this is how I found Dr. Santiago Salazar Botero, who was not only able to answer my questions, but also help me understand what is going on… While not a serious issue, I discovered that the pain and sensitivity I have to cold could be a mild form of Reynauds syndrome, which is essentially an allergy to cold. Innovative Orthopedic Medicine Therapies Pereira has modern medical centers like Megacentro in Pinares neighborhood, Confamiliar, a private hostpital, and a new complex which is being built in Cerritos, the … Continue reading Innovative Orthopedic Medicine Therapies in Pereira, Colombia