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Cafe Palermo, An Excellent Pereira Coffee Experience

Cafe Palermo, An Excellent Pereira Coffee Experience

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A Pereira coffee experience in Pinares featuring farm to table coffee tours, outdoor terrace with special events, and small group events to educate consumers about coffee technique and drinking styles.

In their own words, “Entérate de todo lo que tenemos para ti.” Find out about everything we have for you.

Cafe Palermo – a Pereira Coffee Experience

Featuring FREE WIFI with purchase, a full menu, and open air seating – Cafe Palermo is one of our top recommendations for reactivating your social life, in Pereira, Colombia.

When you participate in a Pereira Coffee Experience, it is the ideal launch point. Pereira is the commercial and geographic center of the Colombian Coffee Region. Much of the coffee grown here is roasted, warehoused and shipped from Pereira.

With a staff of fully trained and certified Baristas by the Colombian coffee association, you won’t have to worry about burned milk, or over-roasted beans. Only the best for their clients!

Now, you can simply focus on finding your moment of peace in a world that is changing faster than you can sip your double espresso.

Contact them about their Pereira Coffee Experience, and Follow Cafe Palermo on Instagram @cafepalermo1, or Facebook @cafepalermo1

Farm to Table Coffee Tours

Continuing the coffee farm tradition, every cup of fresh brew comes from a farm in La Celia, Risaralda. Beans are carefully harvested, selected, washed, dried, the parchment removed, and then medium roasted.

When you participate in the Pereira Coffee Experience hosted by Cafe Palermo, a tour is in order. Visitors will enjoy beautiful mountain views, traditional farm practices, hands-on picking, roasting and brewing.

The entire process is here for you to experience with your family, and friends. New to Pereira? Come along and meet new people during our coffee farm tour which is open to a limited number of attendees.

Special Events

Especially in times of COVID, event’s are now being staged in smaller formats. With our Pereira Coffee Experience at Cafe Palermo, you can create a special, yet small and intimate event for your closest friends and family.

Learn about manual coffee preparations, enjoy a tango show, or stage your own live event for friends and family. Cafe Palermo can save you the headaches and stress of planning and hosting.

Celebrations here are special because they treat you like family, sing, and decorate to ensure that every detail is in order.

Coffee Drinking Style & Technique

For the passionate coffee lover, Cafe Palermo also offers workshops on tasting (cupping), manual preparations, and farm tours.

All their employees are Coffee Federation certified baristas, which means your drink will be well made by people who take pride in their technique.

Our top recommendation for hot coffee drinks is Cafe San Palermo, a delightful preparation of freshly brewed espresso, with whiskey cream, amaretto, and whipped cream on top. Add some kick to your cup!

If your favorite way to enjoy coffee is more towards a cold drink, then definitely try their malteada de cafe, pictured above. It was cold, creamy, with the perfect balance of sweetness and coffee. 


Cafe Palermo also has a delicious snack or dinner menu featuring classic favorites like their gourmet sandwiches, hamburgers, wings, artisan pizzas and more!

Bring friends and share their potato bowl, experience the low-fat meat of their exclusive hamburger, or if you are on a diet, opt for a chicken breast filet with salad and potatoes. Don’t miss out on the Volvovan – a chicken pastry, or their bonbons de pollo (chicken).

Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? They have locally made, gourmet cakes. Our top pick is their “Torta de Almojabana,” a soft spongy cake which is similar to bread pudding in that it uses a type of roll unique to Colombia – the Almojabana.

Contact them for your next small group special event or family gathering at 323 494 2735, or 314 797 3135.

Neighborhood: Pinares

Hours: Open 12:00 PM until 12:00 AM, Monday – Saturday, Sunday 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Location: Av. Juan B. Gutierrez, Calle 5 #17-21 – Opposite side of the street from Famosta Cafe. Pinares de Aragon

About The Owner

Pereira Coffee Experience
Hector Marin loves to share his passion for coffee with visitors to his farm in la Celia, Risaralda.

Hector Marin knows coffee, and was raised with a profound respect for the coffee farmers of his native country Colombia. Having spent time abroad in New York, he can appreciate it even more as he explains it to you in ENGLISH!

His own coffee farm, in La Celia, Risaralda – provides the ultimate farm to table experience for people who are looking for a unique coffee tour in an exotic tropical environment. It also provides the coffee that you will consume at Cafe Palermo.

Be sure to follow us in our Expats in Pereira Facebook group where we will be announcing monthly coffee tours!

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