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Restrictions for Pereira de Colombia December 2020

Restrictions for Pereira de Colombia December 2020

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Here we are going to review Restrictions for Pereira de Colombia December 2020.

Take hope, we are almost to the end, let’s hope next year starts off on the right foot!

All information presented are from screen shots, with links to valid news sources and official Facebook pages. If you are getting WhatsApp messages, and you do not see the SAME information on the OFFICIAL Facebook page, then it is false information.

Our opinions are our own and to be respected equally even if they are in conflict with your own health beliefs.

Holiday Restrictions for December 2020

Local alcaldes are being heavily pressured by regional governors to increase restrictions on the local economy. Interestingly enough, many of these restrictions are beginning on December 21st, 2020, which is also a day of Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. To some this means in increase of consciousness, awakening and change. Read more here:

Alcaldía de Pereira

Restrictions for Pereira de Colombia December 2020

Curfew – Drinking Restrictions – Hospital/Home Visits

Restrictions for Pereira de Colombia December 2020
Source: Alcaldía de Pereira Official Facebook page:

In Colombia, there’s some limited powers and freedoms that alcaldes have within their districts. One, is that they can choose whether to enforce what the governor says. As is the case in Pereira. The current mayor, Carlos Maya, has made it very clear that he will only enforce the above document in respect to curfew/restrictions.

PICO Y CEDULA, or exit/entrance to public places according to last ID number.

TOQUE DE QUEDA, or curfew where you can only go out for essential needs, or dog walking.

El Diario del Otun (Otun Daily – Spanish)

Local newspaper El Diario del Otun, examine the current restrictions in the following article:

Alcalde de Pereira acata, pero no comparte” – in other words, he complies but he does not agree.

In the article the current Alcalde, Carlos Maya, has affirmed that there will be “toque de queda,” or curfew for 24th, 25th and 31st of December at 11:00 PM until 5:00 AM.

Carlos Maya also confirms to El Diario, that age based restrictions of the elderly is NOT constitutional and will not be enforced. Also, meetings of up to 50 people IS acceptable. Yes, you can go to the farm with your family.

He also agrees that Pico y Cedula should apply selectively to large volume shops. These places include shopping malls, and corporate grocery stores. In this situation, you will be permitted to enter based on whether your ID ends in odd/even number.

He also states the following:solo se debe exigir en los lugares donde se registran las aglomeraciones y no para salir a las calles.Translation: Only should require it in places of high volume traffic, and not (apply) for going out into the streets. Public transport will also be restricted – but probably only via the Megabus where they may require Pico y Cedula to enter the system.

You CAN go for walks, drive your car, ride a bike, and have a picnic. Visit local restaurants like El Lugar Nordico, Veredal, El Olivo – at Cerritos del Mar, La Parcela (dosquebradas rural), Selva Bistro, Passo (dosquebradas), La H – Hamburgueseria, Alextremo and La Trattoria. Pico y cedula doesn’t apply as strongly to this situation.

This does NOT apply to small locally owned restaurants/coffee shops and tiendas. Please support local business and economy by exclusively planning your holiday to visit these places. The mall can wait!

It is important to note that local trade guilds such as the Chamber of Commerce (camara de comercio) openly supports the limiting of restrictions and the mayors resistance to closing.

YES, hair salons, local shops and small business WILL remain open. This is your chance to support them more than ever!

Gobernación de Risaralda – Governors Office

From the governor, is a stricter demand which local guilds and the alcaldes office are vehemently disagreeing on.

Each mayor (alcalde) is to establish their own special hours respecting the circulation of minors.

Persons of 70 years and older are not to receive visitors, except social workers, or go out. (Pereira mayor has declared this as unconstitutional – probably will not be enforced).

Bars and restaurants can serve alcoholic beverages until 10:00 PM, but Curfew (Toque de Queda) starts at 9:00 PM until 5:00 AM (PERMANENTLY), with Domicilio (or delivery) services operating until 10 PM.

You can not go out after 9:00 PM on Christmas Eve until 4:00 PM Christmas Day. Same condition applies for 31st Dec/1st Jan.

Pico y Cedula (Lockdown restrictions):

  • Last Number EVEN: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
  • Last Number ODD: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Only 70% occupation of public transport in the city and between municipalities in all of the department. Cross-department travel has NOT been restricted at this time, as far as we know.

Social events with ONLY up to 50 people in attendance.

Not as strict as it could be – this should only impact your movements if you are planning to go to corporate chain businesses which we ALWAYS encourage you to avoid as much as possible.

When you choose to support smaller local shops/restaurants/cafes, you are supporting the survival of our local economy versus the money being sent away to some faceless share-holders.

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People do not seem to be getting any sicker currently than they have ever been previously. However this year we have been losing many great local entrepreneurs due to heart attacks.

In November, local jewelry store owner, Jairo Gonzalez died of a heart attack.

In December, we have also lost Alfredo Hoyos, the owner of Frisby chicken, a famous national fast food chain, also to a heart attack.

Does a common link between fear/anxiety and heart attacks happen to come into play here? We are losing our leaders and mentors to heart attacks. Stop giving in to the fear and start living again!

Most of your elderly relatives want to share with you a lot more than have an extra year or two. Love them, be with them. Let them be with you.

The implementation of these Restrictions for Pereira de Colombia going into the new year is concerning. Particularly because the governors office is declaring them as “Permanent” restrictions.

The Latin root of “GOVERNMENT” is “gubernare” meaning control, and “mentis” which means mind.

YOU are the one who decides. Will you obey, and risk losing more rights? Or, simply get on with life and stop giving them the power? IN the end, it’s all in your mind…

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