In a world that has become jaded by corporate brands and high level corruption, it’s time to become more mindful. Our mission is to create meaningful content about travel opportunities, expat lifestyles and local entrepreneurs who have a place, service or product which we feel our audience would be interested in.

Support Local Entrepreneurs

What does that mean?

We started using the concept of #SupportLocal, #BuyLocal and #EatLocal, in Pereira Colombia. Now, in Manizales and the greater Coffee Axis area, we want to expand that vision to connect it with local residents, international visitors and foreign expats.

If YOU are a Local Entrepreneur – Connect With US!!

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Buy Local

One of the biggest solutions for global warming, is planting more trees, locally grown food and local products and services which reduce our carbon footprint by cutting down shipping distance.

The most effective solution to local economic distress – support your neighbor. This can take many shapes and forms. Patronize non-corporate grocery markets, visit farmers markets (mercados agroecologicos) and use non-corporate local services and products. The work and business you can bring to your friends and family, helps to secure your own future by keeping money local.

Eat Local

Small non-corporate restaurants do not need to rely on uniformity and official measurements to dictate their portion sizes and meal quality. This usually means that the taste and quality will increase when you find locally owned restaurants. Don’t be afraid to leave an extra tip for your coffee or meal either. Mutual support includes all the support services too!

Farmers markets, or mercado’s campesinos/mercados agroecologicos, are an important part of preserving local agriculture. The Colombian Coffee Axis has an abundance of volcanic soil which is fertile – let’s cultivate it. When you shop at farmers markets you help to protect the environment.

Local organic farmers aren’t destroying the tropical forests with harsh chemicals and toxic fertilizers. Permaculture is ancestral environmentalism, and once again gaining force in coffee and food production by helping to defend crops from plagues and pestilence.

Non-toxic farms also mean healthier local environments for honey bee production, a vital building block of life. Here in the coffee axis, local honey, artisan chocolate and heritage fruits and veggies can be easily found in some of the smaller markets. “Criollo“, is a word used to denote native heritage plant and animal species in Colombia.

Support Local

When you support local, you are doing your part for the orange economy, or economia naranja, as well. This is the art, music and local culture which you are protecting for future generations. The identity of a people is in their self-expression, their beliefs and their values.

When you support art, music and culture, YOU become a part of the beauty. History is made by the dreamers and creators too! We live in a complex world, but also a beautiful world. By supporting local musicians, you are supporting the very fabric of your community. When you purchase local art, you are helping to carry on the tradition and perspective of the previous, current and future generations.

It is part of our mission to find and create visibility for a segment that often falls between the cracks, yet is as important as every other area. If you are a local musician we are willing to share our space with you.

Contact us with your exposition or concert info and we will share it with our Facebook groups.

Grassroots Economy

By building a strong local economy, you are creating a grassroots economy which is very resistant to international economic upheaval and issues. In a crisis event, people can easily switch over to bartering for survival goods and staples. These neighborhood networks also create more interpersonal well-being and security.

Coffee Axis Travel

We have a different type of dedication which seeks to help others, create connections and build information resources in the Coffee Axis. Whether you are a local resident or a foreign transplant – we will help you create economical business solutions to build your visibility to target groups.

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