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The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Pereira

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Pereira

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For the thunder bean brew you want and need, here are the 5 Best Coffee Shops in Pereira. If you are reading this, it is because you value coffee that is as delicious as it is pleasant to drink.

Of course this list is subjective – and YES, there are in fact tons of good shops to try in this city. Definitely find the place which suits your own unique vibe and atmosphere – but here is the starter pack!

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Pereira

We hit the streets of Pereira, Colombia to find what we felt would be the 5 best coffee shops for foreign tourists and residents to visit if they come here.

Coffee Shops Pereira Colombia

Our criteria for these shops is that the coffee is carefully sourced, supports local farmers, and provides an ambiance for relaxation, creativity or both!

Cafe Palermo

This shop is a classic example of 4th wave coffee culture where the farm and the coffee shop are owned by the same family, yet provides opportunities for local art and culture.

Cafe Palermo offers a variety of live events, coffee tasting (or cupping) workshops, music, and more. Be sure to ask for their house specialty, Cafe San Palermo – featuring a kick of Whiskey Cream for that extra something.

Cafe Palermo, An Excellent Pereira Coffee Experience

Definitely check out their tango shows, an event for the whole family!

Zosky Coffee

If you crave elegance and a well-creamed cappuccino that has been prepared with exquisite precision, then this is the shop for you! Featuring coffee sourced from the mountains of the Sierra Nevada’s up by Santa Marta, you can’t go wrong.

Great for morning people who need a place to meet with friends, work online, or enjoy an environment with clean lines, subtle decor, and fun cakes – this is for you!

Best Coffee Shops

Definitely try their “Chai Granizado” a cool frosty twist on the classic Chai Latte.

Uganda Cafe

For the co-working socialite, here’s a shop with the best WiFi connection ever! Uganda shares many similarities with Colombia being in the same part of the equator, and also a producer of coffee.

The coffee they serve is 100% local coffee sourced from Alta Gracia, a municipality of Pereira. Service is friendly, and the environment has a hip productivity that will inspire your next project.

Best Coffee Shop in Pereira

Definitely take advantage of their upstairs workspace to meet with friends, hold a business meeting in a quiet environment, or stage your own party, or family event!

Cafe Aroma

Located in el Centro, Cafe Aroma is an excellent downtown option for the savvy coffee drinker. Did we mention that they select their coffee both before AND after the roast? Straight to their table from Ansermanuevo, Valle (north) del Cauca. 

Best Coffee Shops in Pereira

If you are staying in el Centro than this is a centrally located and one of the Best Coffee Shops in Pereira to visit. Add to it that they have a pleasant green space with trees, air movement and shade, it is a quiet refuge for hot summer days. 

Cafe Aroma | Great Coffee with Innovation and Style

Definitely ask about their small but gourmet cocktail menu! 

Veredal Coffee and Food

Especially if you love the appearance of guadua bamboo, fresh plants, stone, wood and other natural elements, then you are definitely going to feel cool and relaxed at this hidden paradise.

Probably one of the most beautiful coffee shops in Pereira for people who love plants and open spaces, this shop features a wide variety of coffee based drinks, fun finger foods, and fresh spritzers for the not-so-coffee-crazy in our friend lists.

Definitely try their specialty pizza and other fun foods on the menu, great for sharing!

Where to Eat | Veredal Coffee and Food


In a world where only the strong survive, these shops are some of the businesses who have so far survived the COVID’s, the Paro Nacional, and seem to have a good chance of enduring into posterity!

Just remember to always #eatlocal, #drinklocalcoffee, and #supportlocal music, art, dance and expression! Follow us on our FACEBOOK PAGE for updates and videos about the 5 Best Coffee Shops in Pereira and tourism in the Coffee Axis!

If you know of a coffee shop that you feel should be on the list, shoot us an email at and check out 5 Unique Ways to Drink Coffee in Manizales!

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