Quarantine Diaries

A workaholic trapped at home with her hyperactive son and science-minded mother. Come along with them as they learn to survive and thrive in Manizales, Colombia during times of upheaval and social change.

The Quarantine Diaries


Surviving and Thriving in Times of Coronavirus and Beyond…

Meet the Cast

Erin Donaldson – Age 34, a Serial Entrepreneur dedicated to independent coverage of #Gastronomy, #Lifestyle and #Tourism in the Colombian Coffee Axis. A professional in Digital Content, Marketing and Public Relations.

Daniel B. Donaldson – Age 5, his mothers’ shadow, he loves fresh fruit, Colombian Hot Chocolate, and dancing while Mama works out. He has been fascinated with lights, musical instruments, dance, and electricity – since birth.

Mary Donaldson – Age 66, came to Colombia over 4 years ago to help raise her grandson and enjoy retirement. Her hobbies center around healthy eating, alternative remedies and helping others create a more holistic lifestyle.

Episode 1

Mama is inspired to start practicing the guitar again – while Daniel sings a song he wrote…

Episode 2

Daniel learns how to mop while Mama tries to wrap her head around this new reality she must learn to live with…

Episode 3

We are settling into a routine which includes exercise, a positive outlook and healthy eating…


A series based on real life in Colombia during the Covid-19, or Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. Follow us as we Survive and Thrive in place in Manizales, Colombia. The series traces the activities and experiences of Erin, Mary and Daniel as they write The Quarantine Diaries.

New Episodes Every Day

Check back frequently as we update this post with new videos. Editing can be a bit lengthy so be patient with us as we try to stay on schedule of one new video per day. We might switch to one every two days to allow more leeway with filming and editing.

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Visual Tourism is where you follow the stories of people in exotic places, from the comfort of YOUR home. Strap on your face-mask and come along with us as we explore life during the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent Quarantine in Colombia.


Grip/Camera Work by Mary Donaldson & Erin Donaldson

Editing & Artistic Direction by Erin Donaldson

Starring Mary, Erin, and Daniel Donaldson

This is a film by Coffee Axis Productions

More Information About Coronavirus in the Coffee Axis of Colombia

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