Imagine an experience where you are treated like a king without the heavy price-tag. With our VIP Expat Lifestyle Tour you will have a customized experience that shows you all the options, answers your questions and orients you with the lay of the land.

Your Expat Lifestyle Tour

This is for you – it is for your ideas, needs and preferences. Our job is to form it accordingly so that you find the information, places and price points of life in Manizales or Pereira. You will learn about local history, art, culture and coffee.

All of our tours are centered around your imagined lifestyle in Colombia. Here is the skill or experience you will acquire:

  • Bus routes and taxi culture.
  • Coffee shops and WiFi hotspots – suited for your needs.
  • Top rated restaurants.
  • How or Where – to purchase fruits/vegetables and meat.
  • Visa Agent and/or recommended Legal Services
  • Understand the basics of local culture nuances.

Here’s what one of our guests had to say about his experience:

Expat Lifestyle Tour

More feedback:

“I’m so glad I decided to take a half day tour with Erin the first day I arrived in Manizales. She took me across the length of the city stopping at key points (Chipre, Plaza Bolivar, a coffee shop with gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains etc.) and pointed out other landmarks from the bus along the way. Armed with the unique perspective she shared with me, I felt much better prepared to continue exploring the city on my own for the remainder of my visit.” Ellen R. 35, USA

“On short notice, Erin was able to organize a tour of several homes and apartments that were well-suited for my needs and budget. She’s both knowledgeable and cheerful. A day with Erin is both fun and informative; you’ll not only learn about the local housing market and purchase process, you’ll gain valuable insights regarding the local culture to better understand why Manizales might be the right place for you.” Chris M. 50-something Bogotá via California

Our tours are available in the morning at 9 am or in the afternoon at 2 pm. We will spend time showing you the basic layout, history and culture. All your questions will be answered including rent prices, recommended neighborhoods and how to deal with hurdles.

We can help you find the contacts and information you need to establish yourself and make Colombia your home!  Call or WhatsApp +57 312 794 8245 or to schedule your personalized tour!

For foodies, we will indicate recommended restaurants, cafe’s and bars where you can catch a view, eat locally grown food or find exquisite flavors. Manizales has a surprising variety of good vegetarian restaurants, organic food products and local dishes to choose from.

Full-Day Tour: 350,000 COP

Half-Day Tour: 175,000 COP per person, or 250,000 COP for 2 people.

Important Info: The day of the tour we will meet at an agreed upon location either in the center or near the Zona Rosa. Be sure to communicate any special needs ahead of time so we can give you the best experience possible.

Rental and Purchase Consulting

We have a special additional option available. Our Rental and Purchase consulting will help you find the perfect home away from home. This is much more extensive than our regular lifestyle tours because we assist you through the entire process of finding and signing your rent lease.

Due to the exclusivity of our consulting, this comes with a separate price point. Your cost includes transportation and an interactive document where we will record our findings, status and results.

Day #1: You can come with us and live the action, or stay in the comfort of your lodgings as we send you videos of properties we find that fit your criteria.

Day #2: We take you to see the properties you like, then sit down to the negotiation table, or plan another day to keep hunting (additional per/day costs apply).

For more information email Erin at


Finding the perfect lifestyle abroad isn’t always easy – but, we are here to help. By the time you finish our tour you will have a much clearer idea about your own potential in Pereira and/or Manizales, Colombia. The VIP Expat Lifestyle Tour will help you understand things like bus routes, rentals and local culture.

Toucan taken at La Zulia, a vereda, or rural area of Manizales.