VIP Expat Lifestyle Consulting

Our VIP Expat Lifestyle Tour Experience will give you a customized experience that displays all the options, answers your questions and orients you with the lay of the land in Colombia.  One of our touristic interpreters will show you the most important parts of the city to learn and understand how to get around in. Avoid the pitfalls and land traps that so many foreign residents find themselves before it costs YOU time and money.  Your Expat Lifestyle Tour This is for you – it is for your ideas, needs and preferences. We plan it according to  the information, places and price points of life in Manizales or Pereira you need. Learn about local history, art, culture, gastronomy and coffee. All of our tours are centered around YOUR dream lifestyle in the Coffee Axis of Colombia. Here is the skill or experience you will acquire: How to save money on food, transport and basic services. Bus routes and taxi culture. Coffee shops and WiFi hotspots – suited for your needs. Top rated restaurants and nightlife. Dance classes, art galleries, and boutique shopping. Real Estate – house or apartment How or Where – to purchase fruits/vegetables and meat. Visa Agent and/or … Continue reading VIP Expat Lifestyle Consulting