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Accessible Group Lodging Colombia Coffee Region

Accessible Group Lodging Colombia Coffee Region

Pereira, Travel Featured

Location is key if you want the best group lodging Colombia Coffee Region! Here’s a great option for your next family or friend vacation at Altamira Aldea hotel in the middle between Pereira and Armenia.

Group Lodging Colombia Coffee Region

Welcome to Altamira Aldea – a guesthouse where you can spend quiet nights, hike in nature, and get to all the best destinations of this area easily along with this group lodging Colombian coffee region paradise. An added benefit is that the farm is also part of a special nature reserve called Barbas – Bremen.

Lodging Colombian Coffee Region

The house itself is newly built and ready to entertain visitors. All the furniture in the main room was fabricated by local artisans. When you visit you will find a calm, relaxing environment close to nature and with easy access to all the best destinations.

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lodging colombian coffee region

For weather, expect cool breezy nights, warm days but never hot like the west end of Pereira. Comfortably mild is the best way to describe the microclimate of Altamira Aldea. Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for the cool of the evening.

Lodging Colombian Coffee Region

Right now the owner wants to be able to rent this lodging out to family groups and small events. This is not a party farm, there is no pool, or hot tub. There is however, great nature hiking areas, wildlife viewing, and birdwatching.

Here’s what you need to know about Group Lodging Colombia Coffee Region:

  • 5 bedrooms sleeping up to 10 people
  • 3 full bathrooms
  • Private chef services available, restaurant across the street
  • Central location with easy access
  • Secure parking
  • Hiking Trails
  • Event Facilities
  • On-site caretakers
  • 30 minutes from Armenia airport
  • 20 minutes from Pereira airport

The climate is cool and breezy making it a place where you will rest well at night and wake up refreshed and ready to go. Near to restaurants, on a major transport route, and close to Armenia or Pereira.

Lodging Colombian Coffee Region

This is great if you are planning any kind of special event such as a small wedding or birthday party, anniversary dinner or small business event. Inside you will find a large inner space, on the outside there are ample spaces on the corridor for tables.

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What is Conservation District Barbas Bremen?

In 2011, the conservation authority (Carder) declared 4,360 hectares as being part of a special area for the protection of nature and waterways. There are three rivers (rios) included in this area: Rio Consota, Barbas and Cestillal. Altamira Aldea borders Rio Consota and is included in this conservation area.

Lodging Colombia Coffee Region

The area characterized by Barbas Bremen Conservation District is an Andean Humid Forest which is home to many endangered species including curubo del monte – a type of vine like passion flower, cloroclisa mulitcolor (bird),  and doradito lagunera (bird).

Visitors to the Barbas Bremen come here for hiking, wildlife and birdwatching. This is one of only a few areas in the coffee region where you can see the “Mono Aullador,” or Howler Monkey, a big red monkey that makes a screaming howl from the trees where they forage.

Lodging Colombian Coffee Region

How to get to Altamira Aldea from Pereira

Leave Pereira towards Armenia. When you pass the roundabout that intersects with Via Condina – continue towards Armenia. After a few miles you will see a restaurant called Paisa Parilla Campestre. Altamira Aldea is the driveway in front of the restaurant on the left hand side of the road. Pull into the gas station then pull out to the left like you are going to return to Pereira.

The next driveway on the right will take you to your destination. See image.

For a perspective on where it is in relation to Pereira.

Here are just a few of the ideas that can be implemented on this Group Lodging Colombian Coffee Region:

  • Horse stables and rides across property, petting zoo, hands on experiences
  • Hiking trails with interpretive experiences to learn about local flora and fauna
  • Agro-tourism touring productive installations
  • Gastronomy courses with the personal chef that lives nearby
  • Restaurant located in front of hotel for meals/takeout.
  • Strategic location almost halfway between Pereira and Armenia
  • Extensive highway frontage available for additional business opportunities or roadside amenities
  • Beautiful mountain views, down a bluff greatly limiting highway noises

Furniture is artisan, good quality and ready to be used. You make it into your own place by filling in all the cozy details.

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  1. Information about Barbas Bremen

Lodging Colombia Coffee Region is taken careful – but what if you want to stay?

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