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Fun Freshwater Fishing in Colombia 45 minutes from Pereira

Fun Freshwater Fishing in Colombia 45 minutes from Pereira

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Do something unique this weekend that involves fun freshwater fishing in Colombia, a family friendly activity that is great for weekend outings. Only an hour from Pereira, and an hour and twenty minutes from Manizales is a fun destination that is great for the whole family!

Fun Freshwater Fishing in Colombia

Cabo Verde Pesca Deportiva

Fish farming in Colombia began in 1938 with rainbow trout which were released into natural habitable rivers and ponds. Since 1980 Mojarra Roja – also known as Tilapia Roja (Orechromis sp.), is the most commonly cultivated fish in Colombia. [1]

Cabo Verde was founded over 30 years ago and is located in Valle de Risaralda, a region known for its fish farms. This valley is one of the biggest fish producing areas of the entire Coffee Axis of Colombia. Hundreds of small family farms are scattered throughout the area. 

Freshwater fishing in Colombia

And it is family friendly! If you want to snag a meal, have an interesting date, or entertain your children – this is for you! It’s easy to get to in a central location that has easy access from a main highway, in a centrally located point of the Coffee Region (Eje Cafetero). 

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At Cabo Verde you can fish your own, choose whether you want it fried or grilled, or buy farm raised fish to take home! One of the best outdoor places in the area for family fun, there’s a nice well-maintained playset, a pool for small children, snack stand, and private areas for your next gathering! 

Freshwater Fishing in Colombia

Fishing rods can be provided, or you can bring your own tackle gear. No throwbacks! Whatever you catch you MUST keep and pay for because if you throw the fish back after it has been hurt by the hook it will no longer grow and instead gets sick and dies. 

Where to go to Eat Fish in the Coffee Axis

Cabo Verde sets itself apart with their grilled mojarra. They smoke then grill mojarra – a local favorite for fish lovers! In English the name is Crappy, Mojarra is characterized by large bones in the side with some smaller ones going back toward the tail. It isn’t as laborious to de-bone as Cachama which is more commonly used in soups. 

Freshwater Fishing in Colombia

If you like soup, then their Cachama soup is a local favorite and one of their most popular plates on the menu. When you order any of their main plates you will get a small bowl of soup! 

Be sure to check out their 2 x 1 specials on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Visitors can order two fish plates (only) for the price of one!

For people who like steamed fish, there’s also a plate called “Mojarra a la Criolla” where the fish is steamed with “guiso” which is a tomato/onion sauce. Great for low fat diets. 

Cabo Verde Pesca Deportiva

For those who don’t love fish, there are also chicken, beef and pork plates which are also well-made. The owner can often be found supervising mainly in the kitchen ensuring that quality is at its peak. 

By the way, did we mention that their “Patacon’s” are super delicious? It’s a type of deep fried chip that is served with the Mojarra Asada (grilled) and the Mojarra Frita (fried) options! They are softer and crunchier than what you might be used to in other places. Well worth trying their in-house secret!

How to get to Cabo Verde Pesca Deportiva

Cabo Verde is an hour from Pereira and an hour and fifteen minutes from Manizales. It is easily accessible off the main highway and open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. For family friendly freshwater fishing in Colombia, this is our top recommendation! 

If you leave Pereira via Cerritos, turn right at the pineapple crossing and follow the signage saying “La Virginia.” Continue past La Virginia, go through the Peaje, or toll booth. When you pass a roundabout called “Asia” you are almost to Cabo Verde. Look for a young man or woman on the side of the road waving a flag. It will be on the right hand side. 

If you plan to travel by bus, catch a bus to Anserma, Caldas from Pereira, but follow your navigator to get off at Cabo Verde, then walk the 50 yards in to where the restaurant. Everything is well-marked. When you leave, cross the highway and catch any bus that says “Pereira/Terminal.” 

Freshwater Fishing in Colombia

Be sure to follow them on Facebook for weekly specials and holiday events! Or, on Instagram @caboverde_pesca

Other Opportunities for Freshwater Fishing in Colombia

As a side note, this farm produces fish for restaurants and distributors, and ornamentals. Individual fish tank enthusiasts and pet shops can come here to buy the cutesy fish that make our homes and offices stand out. If you are looking for a unique export opportunity – they have all their paperwork ready to go.

This opportunity can be either a purchase or an investment, email for more information!

For more information contact Cabo Verde via email at


Cabo Verde Pesca Deportiva y Restaurante is a great place for amateur freshwater fishing in Colombia. It is family friendly and easy to access. Some local creeks are in fact adequate for fishing, but can be hard to access or even have contamination issues like in and around La Florida in Pereira where black waters are draining into the Otun River. 

When you support a business like Cabo Verde you are also supporting local families and industry. Fresh food, made with lots of love and great service is the hallmark of Cabo Verde in Viterbo, Caldas. They have great spaces which are perfect for your next company picnic, family dinner or birthday event. 

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