About The Editor, Erin Donaldson, an American who loves photography, journalism and the Colombian Coffee Axis! She is based locally and travels frequently to both Manizales and Pereira.

Her mission is to promote Lifestyle, Gastronomy and Travel in this region to readers from all over the world!

Come along as I tell you my story, en Espanol…or keep reading for the English version!

About The Editor

My name is Erin Donaldson. In 2012, I began my first website with OpenMindedTraveler.com. It’s an internationally open ended topic which was designed to capture my best travel experiences, memos and ideas. Over time, I published a series of articles about the Conflict zone and later Dating in Colombia which to this day still receive a lot of attention.

Coffee Axis Travel was created as a more focused venture for a more niche audience. The person who reads this website is 40+ years old, enjoys tasty well-prepared food, unique travel experiences, and lives a good life! 

About the Editor. Erin works to provide information about Manizales, Pereira, and the outlying pueblos. Where to eat, sleep, and fun things to do are all within the topics that are published here. Anything and everything you need to know to either live or travel can be found on this website – and she is always updating and adding new articles too!

Over time as her work has gained attention, Erin has been called upon to travel and discover new places in the Coffee Axis. 

Pueblos and cities all over the Coffee Axis are receiving attention but lack the detail or information which visitors want and need. Little by little, Erin is putting it all together here, in one place. The biggest need, funding! Since the pandemic began, everything has been tight. We no longer turn a profit. If you want to help ensure our survival, please take a moment to donate to Erin’s Go Fund Me, or become a monthly subscriber on Patreon. 


For the cost of a cup of coffee you can help support the creation of content for YOU and the foreign resident/traveler community! 

In reality the Coffee Axis consists of 3 cities, and surrounding areas which are all equally important and relevant to my investigations.

About CoffeeAxisTravel.com

About The Editor

Here at Coffee Axis Travel, it is my deepest desire to create a space where expats, visitors and English speaking locals can find fun, interesting and thought stimulating information about this region.

If you represent a small locally owned business, but you want to capture the attention of foreign visitors and residents, then this is for YOU.

If you are a foreign visitor looking for lifestyle, tourism, gastronomy or local culture tidbits – then bookmark this site now! We will be publishing insights into Expat Lifestyles, Coffee Axis Travel and Local Products and Culture.

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For more information, to contract my writing and photography services, or to simply suggest a topic which you feel is needed, then feel free to contact me at openmindedtravel@gmail.com or via WhatsApp: +57 312 794 8245