Welcome to Coffee Axis Travel – a new adventure in My Hemingway Life.

Come along as I tell you the story of my journey as a professional writer abroad.

Here’s a little bit of info About The Editor: My name is Erin Donaldson. In 2012, I began my first website with OpenMindedTraveler.com. It’s an internationally focused theme which was designed to capture my best travel experiences, memos and ideas. Over time, I published a series of articles about the Conflict zone and later Dating in Colombia which to this day still receive a lot of attention.

Today Open Minded Traveler is mainly a depository for past work and a forum for guest posts for other travelers or people who want to connect with my audience. Any topics which are controversial, or not quite professional enough for Tier 2 & 3, are published there. Like any Tier 1 website, it is a proving ground for my skills and technique which later cumulated into PereiraCityGuide.com, my Tier 2 blog.

PereiraCityGuide.com has to-date been one of my greatest successes. With an audience which averages 2,500+ original views per month, I have been able to successfully capture national and international interest in the City Without Doors. Today, the guide is a household term and a common top 10 search result anytime you consult Google about this corner of Colombia.

My only regret, is that I made my focus so narrow…

Over time as my work has gained attention and I have been called upon to travel and discover new places in the Coffee Axis. At that point I realized that Pereira is not enough. After only three years, I had also covered most of the pertinent topics of interest. That isn’t to say that the site is finished, not by a long shot. Articles will still be published on demand and according to ideas which pop up.

Now, it’s time to re-create myself once again, and position myself a bit more. Pueblos and cities all over the Coffee Axis are receiving attention but lack the detail or information which visitors want and need. Cultural disagreements and historical events may also have limited me because I chose only one city to focus on. In reality the Coffee Axis consists of 3 cities, and surrounding areas which are all equally important and relevant to my investigations.

Enter CoffeeAxisTravel.com…

Here at Coffee Axis Travel, it is my deepest desire to create a space where expats, visitors and English speaking locals can find fun, interesting and thought stimulating information. If you represent a small locally owned business, but you want to capture the attention of foreign visitors and residents, then this is for YOU.

If you are a foreign visitor looking for lifestyle, tourism, gastronomy or local culture tidbits – then bookmark this site now! We will be publishing regularly with insights into Expat Lifestyles, Coffee Axis Travel and Local Products and Culture.

For more information, to contract my writing and photography services, or to simply suggest a topic which you feel is needed, then feel free to contact me at openmindedtravel@gmail.com or via WhatsApp: +57 312 794 8245