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Ron Viejo de Caldas | The Story of Colombia’s Award Winning Rum

Ron Viejo de Caldas | The Story of Colombia’s Award Winning Rum

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Every so often a story comes along that needs to be told. One of the coolest unheard of tourist attractions in Manizales – is Ron Viejo de Caldas. Dive into a tipsy experience with a smooth finish!

Ron Viejo de Caldas

Formed in 1928, Ron Viejo de Caldas was started by a perfume maker from Barcelona, Spain. During the earliest years of the company, a product was briefly available which featured rum-smelling cologne. It didn’t catch on much because it was later discontinued – Saturday night probably wasn’t the smell most women wanted on their men.

Today, it belongs to the department government of Caldas and employs around 120 local workers. The governor is the chairperson and guides export, manufacturing and fund distribution.

Interesting Fact: The 8-Year-Aged Rum – of Ron Viejo de Caldas, is the winner of the ONLY Diamond award in existence in the world championship. After winning the Gold Award for taste for 7 years in a row, they were given the Diamond award for their exceptional achievement.

Ron Viejo – The Experience!

Experiencia Ron Viejo de Caldas, is – as the name indicates, an experience. Many original relics of the distillation process are on display including the original distiller which used to be in Pereira.

Location: C.C. Mall Plaza, Local #2041 (upper floor) – Av. Kevin Angel – Manizales, Colombia

Hours of Operation: Sun – Thur 2 PM – 8 PM, Fri/Sat 2 PM – 1 AM

Be sure to ask for the Rum Tour where Giancarlo, the head bartender. During the experience, he will explain the entire process helped along by visual representations. He is fluent in English too! Visitors will learn the story of how the brand came into being, the rum-making process, and finally a rum tasting.

Our Friend Giancarlo Hincapié

Giancarlo Hincapié works to create the perfect cocktail while educating visitors about the legacy of Ron Viejo de Caldas!

This story came about due to a friend of ours Giancarlo Hincapié, who is an award winning bartender in the Coffee Axis, who has made a name for himself on the national and international level. He is in charge of rum elaboration and cocktail curation at Experiencia Ron de Caldas where he is curating rum drinks one of the only Tiki bars in Colombia.


  • 2003-2012 World Championship Competitor T.G.I. Fridays – New York
  • 2016 Ron Viejo de Caldas Champion – Caldas
  • Yearly organizer of Ron Viejo de Caldas Championship
  • Founder of “Red de Bartenders – Eje Cafetero” Chapter
  • Official Delegate for the Bartending Association of the Coffee Axis

Giancarlo tells us how his personal hobby is “Tiki Culture and Rum.” That is to say, of all his bartending experiences, he prefers Tiki Cocktails. Strangely enough the Polynesian culture came from South American pioneers who sailed west from Peru. For him the Tiki-style cocktails and Colombia’s best rum, is a beautiful marriage of local culture and international style.

For more information about Giancarlo, or to participate in his Bartending Master Class contact him via Instagram: @giancarlohm or WhatsApp: +57 301 577 5857 or

Special Events!

Dive into the Experiencia Ron Viejo de Caldas at their next big event!

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