Secret Gardens

Creativity abounds in the most unexpected Secret Gardens – and magical realism is in fact real, in Pereira, Colombia.

Original Photography by Erin Donaldson

Where reality is nowhere to be found – only the jungle of imagination.

Color collides in a sparkling shatter of the rainbow as intense green surrounds.

Eden couldn’t have rivaled the happy buzz of the very old and comfortable Secret Gardens of Pereira, Colombia.

Timeless masterpieces of earth, wood, fire and water blend together into a perfect harmony.

Each moment is precious. Absorb the peace of the present.

Meditate on singular moments of life and beauty.

All are loved here, and all are welcome – even our furry friends.

Secret Gardens which stay with you forever…

Nothing is quite as real as it seems. The mystery is the experience.

About The Author

Based in Manizales, Colombia, Erin Donaldson aspires to create love and appreciation for local brands, products and entrepreneurial projects of value and quality in the Coffee Axis.