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The #1 Best Travel Camera | Expat Lifestyle

The #1 Best Travel Camera | Expat Lifestyle


Being able to shoot high quality, in-the-moment photos is the bread and butter of Coffee Axis Travel. We are going to reveal the Best Travel Camera, the perfect complement to your Expat Lifestyle.

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The Best Travel Camera

For me the precise moment when I crossed the gap between being a blogger with aspirations and an iPhone 4, to a meaningful online presence with niche authority; was when I acquired a good camera. It is probably my single most important tool of the trade after my laptop.

Even the best writer will eventually hit limitations without a couple snappy photos or illustrations (if you can draw beyond stick figures), to sprinkle the topic with color, action and flourish.

Once you have the Best Travel Camera and a few basic techniques, the sky is your only limit and a maybe even a good subject!

My Sony Camera

Best Travel Camera
Photo Credit: Erin Donaldson | Sony Nex-3N

The camera world can be really confusing for newbies – it was for me. It was a complete fluke that my mom gave me a camera that my mom had researched and indicated as the best option. The camera was featured with a special discount at Best Buy in the US, and cost $250 USD for the Sony Nex-3N back in 2014.

The NEX-3N model is no longer available, but its next generation cousin the A6500/A7/A9 series is, to name the closest resemblance to what I use. Why I love them so much? Their incredible shutter speed for movement, backlight auto-adjust features and small compact size.

I can go on and on about the quality and advantages of their focusing technology and the mirrorless lens benefits. Keep in mind that all the pictures featured in this article, except the featured pic, were taken with my Sony Nex-3N.

But, probably the one thing which saved me – is their auto focus with the high definition option. Being an amateur, it made my life easy. Later I learned how to change the mode to accommodate macro, sunset/low-light, movement, panorama etc.

Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera Bundle with 2.95″ LCD, Black (ILCE6500KIT)

The #1 top accessory I also recommend, is the single item I am also most complimented on when I am out doing event coverage. A beautiful leather case that has been perfect for my needs. NOTE: My leather case ONLY works with the older models and may not fit the a6500 correctly.

XEVN for Sony a6300 case,for Sony a6000 case,Premium PU Full Body Leather Camera Case Bag for Sony Alpha a6300 a6000 a6100 a6400 Fit 16-50mm Lens with Camera Shoulder Strap(Coffee)

It also might be important to mention, that in 5 years the only thing that has happened was a bent lens which I had to replace. Otherwise the camera has worked wonderfully. The case I bought after the lens fiasco has kept me 100% on my A-Game and prevented future disasters.

A Few Tips for Care and Cleaning

Keep it in a case. It was horribly traumatic the day my camera slipped from my hands, bounced off a chair and hit the floor. The fact that it didn’t shatter is a testament to the quality of Sony. However, I had to replace the lens because the old one got bent on the rim.

Cleaning. Sony actually offers a great article HERE about how to clean your camera. Use a simple blower to blow off the dust from around the seams then wipe your lens with a soft cloth.

Accessories. Probably the best part of what we feel is the Best Travel Camera, is that you really don’t need many accessories. I bought the leather case and spare batteries. As part of the purchase I also received some lense caps but to be honest, the quality is so good that I have never even bothered to use the lense caps.

Battery Life. Sony cameras have a great battery life which can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. But, you have to make sure it is ALWAYS OFF. Filming and leaving the camera turned on will run down the battery really fast! I have survived all day events which required a lot of picture and video by meticulously ensuring I keep it shut off as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to carry a spare battery.

How to Take Great Pictures

Photo Credit: Erin Donaldson | Sony Nex-3N

The old saying,”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is never so true as it is with this camera. It is present when you have the Best Travel Camera in your hands and you are capturing your favorite moments. But, here are a few tips to help you focus.

  1. Find Your Perspective. Your brand may resonate the best with action from strange angles, or unique symmetry that captures your mission. Over time you will find your own perspective – but don’t be afraid to experiment.
  2. Create Sacred Symmetry. Look for geometrical alignment, four inner corners or divide your subject into halves or even thirds. When you find alignments which match sacred symmetry concepts, often it results in a beautiful yet fascinating result.
  3. Use Lighting To Your Advantage. Outdoor photography is often best in early morning light or even slightly overcast. Direct sun can create glare unless you can harness it to your advantage.
  4. A Cellphone Light. Especially for food pictures where you need more white light to show the true colors – your cellphone flashlight is a great compliment to creating the perfect shot.
  5. Don’t be afraid to shoot everything in sight. At risk of appearing like a fresh faced tourist, don’t be afraid to snap several pictures of each subject. Finding the perfect focus and moment to capture often doesn’t happen on the first try.

Fortunately, the Sony cameras are really easy to use and carry – especially when you are traveling. Be sure to comment below with your tips and tricks for taking great travel pictures!

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