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Emergency Contact Information Colombia

Emergency Contact Information Colombia

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The Emergency Contact Information Colombia listed here is current for 2022. With embassy contact info for the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, USA and Germany. 

Keep in mind that as of OCTOBER 2022, it is now mandatory to have a private healthcare plan in order to enter Colombia. Also important to know that EPS, the government subsidized health insurance, is no longer accepted either. 

Emergency Contact Information Colombia

Police and National Emergency: 1-2-3 or 1-1-2

If you do find yourself in an emergency then it is vital to you and those around you to stay calm and try to think clearly. Do not attempt to move anyone who is experiencing a health emergency or car accident unless their life depends on it (ex. car on fire). 

There has been an uptick in kidnapping and extortion in Colombia. Read This Article to learn more about how you can watch for the signs and avoid this problem like a pro! 

Here’s our Emergency Contact Information Colombia

How to Make Calls to Landline Phones in Colombia

The calling to a landline phone was recently changed. Now you must dial 60 then the number which corresponds with the city or region where you are located. Keep in mind that if you are dialing from the exterior you must use +57 as a country code first. 

Cundinamarca y Bogotá: 60 + 1
Cauca, Nariño y Valle: 60 + 2
Antioquia, Córdoba y Chocó: 60 + 4
Atlántico, Bolívar y César: 60 + 5
Guajira, Magdalena y Sucre: 60 + 5
Caldas, Quindío y Risaralda: 60 + 6
Arauca, Santander y Norte de Santander: 60 + 7
Amazonas, Boyacá y Casanare: 60 + 8
Caquetá, Guainía y Guaviare: 60 + 8
Huila, Meta, Tolima y Putumayo: 60 + 8
San Andrés, Vaupés y Vichada: 60 + 8

How to call Internationally to/from Colombia

Calling TO Colombia is simple. First dial +57 and then the number. If the number is a cell phone it will begin with “3” and if it is landline “6.”

Keep in mind that phones do not “ring” like we are accustomed to in the US, instead they make a long Beeeep noise. It is also important to note that very few actually use or check their voicemail. If you want to leave a message to a cell phone it is better to install WhatsApp onto your phone and use that to send voice notes. SMS is not common here either – only WhatsApp and in some cases Telegram. 

To make life simpler we added 60 to the following embassy contact info. 

American Embassy Contact Info

During office hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday): 601 275 2000
Outside of office hours: 601 275-4021
Carrera 45 No. 24B-27

Bogotá, D.C. Colombia

Dialing instructions: 
U.S. Citizens calling from a Colombian mobile, please dial (601 275-2000 or (601) 275-4021.
U.S. Citizens calling from a U.S. phone number please dial (+57) (601) 275-2000 or (+57) (601) 275-4021.

United Kingdom Embassy Contact Info 

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