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Cocktail Tour Eje Cafetero

Cocktail Tour Eje Cafetero

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A fun event came our way recently – the Cocktail Tour Eje Cafetero, where the best bartenders go toe to toe! It was a great way to learn about available cocktails, while discovering fun new places!

Cocktail Tour Eje Cafetero

This event involves each bar making a special “Cocktail de Autor,” then offering it for a special price of 13,000 cop. Here are a few of the places we visited!


A warm climate with open and friendly locals, Pereira has a vibrant and engaging nightlife. From tango to electronic music and everything in between you will find it all here. Featured is one of our favorite places to stop off for a drink. Enjoy!

Escondida Bar

Situated in the front veranda of the #1 Hostel in Pereira, La Escondida Bar is a great way to grab a bite on a weekend. With a menu that features favorites like hamburgers, sandwiches and salad – it is easy to navigate and a break from tipico.


Nestled high in the Andes mountains, Manizales is a city in the clouds and also known as the “Fabrica del Atardeceres” which actually inspired one of the drinks shown below. We hope you are able to visit soon!

El Dauntaun

A trendy coffee shop in el Centro of Manizales, El Dauntaun features an upscale ambiance with daytime coffee shop standards combined with evening beers and cocktails. They also have a food menu too! Their featured cocktail is a great way to enjoy the sunset.

Rooftop Cupula

For a hip evening vibe, with a more urban electronic music ambiance, Rooftop Cupula is a fun rooftop destination in el Centro. Be sure to try their hamburger sliders or for small appetites, we recommend their meatballs.

Alquimia Speakeasy

What is the secret password? You will need it for this exclusive bar. Velvet, a traditional wood crafted bar and some of the most hard-to-find liquors of the Coffee Axis can be savored here. Experience the clandestine feel of Alquimia Speakeasy, located in front of Spago in Barrio la Estrella.


This is an annual event held at a similar time each year. Bars participate for the visibility and recognition. If you love a tasteful concoction, then this is for you!

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