Our audience is our best predictor of content. We analyzed our top 10 articles from 2019 to help us create our content plan for 2020 – but here they are so you can catch up on anything you may have missed out on!

An Organic Reach and Quality Content Strategy

Coffee Axis Travel has a very organic content focus. We want to create the type of content that Google is already searching for. For us, it isn’t about having 100 silent fans, but rather 10 who are interacting with our work and talking about it to their friends.

We believe in the golden rule between web marketers and writers: That content is KING! If you don’t feel comfortable, engaged and entertained while reading it – tell us! How can we serve you better?

In 2020, we will continue to focus on supporting local businesses and tourism opportunities which we feel offers quality and value to our readers. Expect to see more travel content, new destination guides and cafe/bar/restaurant recommendations.

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Our Website Analytics Review

Overall, we had a great year. Jetpack recorded 12,843 views, and over 8,000 visitors to this website for 2019. We published 50 posts which are starting to create a whole new world of information about Travel in the Coffee Axis.

For countries with the most views, Colombia is first as much of our content advertising is for expats and travelers who are already nearby. Readers and clients have reported out-of-area visitors who returned for later visits to certain restaurants and destinations.

This is followed by USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia and Panama. English speaking countries followed by Europe, South America, Asia and even Africa. Our content is also reaching diverse places like China, Singapore and the UAE.

Top 5 Articles for 2019 on Coffee Axis Travel

Without any more ado, here is what our audience LOVED in 2019. These were the articles which provided the most value and answered your questions. And we are going strictly by the numbers…

#5 | English Event Calendar | Feria de Manizales 64 2020

What is known as the BIGGEST and BEST fair of its type in South America – people were really interested in learning about it. Many travelers we interacted with prior came, including a Chinese expat from Canada, and an American friend. Our audience is diverse and engaged.

Our English guide which was published one week before the official programming came online. It quickly became a hit enabling many attendees to plan their trips ahead of time who may not have come otherwise. This also tells us that special event coverage is STILL a hot topic – and an evergreen one as much of the same information will apply to next year attendees as well.

#4 | Viterbo Caldas Destination Guide

A top destination for 2020, we learned about this destination in 2019 – and our audience is excited about it! There’s still a huge information gap in the Coffee Axis – particularly in regards to the smaller pueblos of Risaralda and Caldas. In 2020, we are going to bring you more of these travel guides for up and coming destinations that our audience is going to love!

#3 | Colombia Law | Pre Nuptial for Common Law Marriage

People want to find love in new and exotic places, Colombia is no exception. The women here are cunningly smart and beautiful – yet full of softness for the right person. Men tend to have a strong sense of manliness which is attractive to many foreign women – until they discover that there is often a machista side to it. Do yourself a favor – put together a Prenuptial agreement before you say “I do.”

#2 | People of the Coffee Axis | Guillermo Gomez “Guigo”

The PERSON OF THE YEAR for 2019, Guillermo Gomez became a hot topic in the news when he ran for Consejal in Manizales during the recent election season. Prior to his political campaign experience, we met and interviewed him about his career which combines musical talent and a dynamic showmanship which has made him a major public figure of the Coffee Axis.

#1 | The Really Shitty Downside of Being an Expat

You simply won’t always LOVE being in another country. While some do find a deep abiding contentment, others find themselves in turmoil. In the end, people who are considering a life abroad need to know what the risks and struggles are.

It is also important to note, that life as an expat is becoming more competitive. People are struggling with many of the same issues their home country had – and some of us have thrown in the towel, for good reasons.

We will leave this final graphic (below) so you can have a peek at what our audience is looking for. Feel free to comment below or email us coffeeaxistravel@gmail.com with article topics and information gaps that you can perceive. Coffee Axis Travel is your quality reference for tourism in this region!