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People of the Coffee Axis | Guillermo Gomez “Guigo”

People of the Coffee Axis | Guillermo Gomez “Guigo”

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In a moment of truth and inspiration, Guillermo Gomez tells us about his life as a professional musician, growing up in Popayan, his life in the Coffee Axis and career aspirations. Former Artistic Director of the International Bolero Orchestra (Director artistico de la Orquesta Internacional de Bolero). He describes himself on his own website as a violinist and a virtuoso showman. He lives in the Coffee Axis but frequently gives performances all over Colombia.

Guigo – The Most Dynamic Electric Violin in Colombia

We met with Guillermo Gomez to gain a deeper insight into his inspiration, his career, his dreams as an entrepreneur and as a professional musician. “Guigo,” as he is more commonly known, tells us his ideas about fame, appreciation for art and the things which inspire him.

On the topic of time and experience he says:

No tengo 53, tengo 20 con 33 años de experiencia.” I’m not 53, I’m 20 with 33 years of experience.

– Guigo

A Day in the Life

Like any other working entrepreneur, he keeps a healthy Coffee Axis Lifestyle, checks his email in the morning, hits the gym and then spends time working on his art – with consistent violin practice. In the afternoon on days which aren’t too rainy here in Manizales, he runs errands on his bike.

His dream lifestyle?

Guigo dreams of a house near or on the beach, the means to live comfortably yet still leave his mark on the world. How? By following his passion for music and entrepreneurship.

What inspires Guigo to do entrepreneurship?

With a passion for the music business, Guillermo is his own boss. But, it didn’t come easy. Like anything else he says you must “believe deeply in your own project and be in love with what you do.”

Of course, he doesn’t do it all alone. He has people who assist him with his music videos, promotion and creativity, in the sense of social media. He says “No soy capaz de quedarme quieto. Soy emprendedor de mi proprio proyecto que soy yo mismo./ I am not capable of sitting still. I am an entrepreneur with my own project, which is myself.”

To learn more about Guigo, or work with him, check him out on , or via Instagram: @guigo_violin


As a child he tells us that he wanted to be a super hero, or have a super power. His first day of school he jumped off a roof and came home a bit torn up and bruised but with a more terrestrial dream. Flying didn’t work out, but music did.

And for Guillermo Gomez, his dream came true as a virtuoso violinist who has worked tirelessly to master not only the art of music, but also of a showmanship style which captivates the imagination, tugs at the heart strings and entertains his audience.

Inspired by musical works like Fiddler on the Roof, and artists like Yehudi Menuhin, Vanessa Mae and Linsey Stirling, Guigo says that they are his “banda sonora,” or musical works which became a part of driving his ideas and helping him find his own measure of success as a professional musician.

What is he passionate about?

“Los proyectos. Cada día me apasiona uno diferente, algo diferente y eso me mueve completamente a funcionar.” / My projects. Every day I am feel passionate about something different, and it moves me to function.

– Guillermo Gomez

He goes on to tell us that even creating plans with friends, helps him to give impulse to his imagination. It’s an eclectic lifestyle full of contrasts between new and old musical classics, timeless hit songs, traditional Colombian music and even a little bit of Reggaeton. In his concept, he lives from day to day letting his passion and inspiration hit as things, people and ideas come his way.

The most gratifying work he has done?

Things from the heart without compensation. When someone calls him to help with a cause. Part of his passion for music is being able to play from the heart, hear an applause and see his audience content.

What is art?

Con el arte se salva un pais. El arte por el arte, los culturas son mas maravillosas y mas poderosas. El arte esta de la mano con la educación. Todas las personas debe tener el arte como un complemento a la cotidianidad. Todos tiene que acercarse al arte, hacer un poco de arte, disfrutar, ver, oír o sentir el arte todo los días. El arte es definitivamente la educación.

– Guigo – The Dynamic Violin of Manizales and Colombia

With art you can save a country. Art for what it is, in cultures is more marvelous and powerful. Art goes hand in hand with education. All people must have art as….. They must come close, do a little art, enjoy, see, hear or feel art every day. Art is definitively, an education. (translation)

What is family?

For Guillermo Gomez, family is tranquility and emotional stability. The confidence they have in him, their support for his dreams. Also, happiness, company, love, fun. It doesn’t serve him to be alone.

To learn more about Guigo, or work with him, check him out on , or via Instagram: @guigo_violin

What is Community?

One of our own personal conclusions about our friend Guigo (Guillermo Gomez), is that he is very much a supporter of the local art/dance/theater/musician community. He supports local talent, is rumored to pay very fair wages to his dancers/co-artists and most importantly of all has an open, friendly, positive and congenial personality. It is very easy to like him and he has a creative mind for coming up with new ways to collaborate and create solutions.

His advice to up and coming creatives…

  1. Believe deeply in your project
  2. Be in love with what you do.
  3. When you find your style, you can (successfully) work with others. Until then, you must know when to fly solo in order to establish your own talent and style.
  4. Always have the arts in your life.

His final comment about life, love and entrepreneurship:

Vivo feliz y agradecido con lo que hago. / I live happy and thankful for what I do.

– Guillermo Gomez a.k.a. Guigo – The Most Dynamic Violinist in the Coffee Axis and Colombia.


In this interview, we discovered a multi-faceted person who cares deeply about family, is passionate about music and art (#SupportLocal) – and who isn’t afraid to dream. We hope this serves as an inspiration for our readers that, even if you can’t fly like superman, you can still do great things. It’s about loving what you do, and doing it every minute of every day until you succeed.

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No artist is without difficulty, obstacles and things which can even get them off track. But, with a little bit of time and dedication – anything is possible. Our passion is bringing you articles like this one which we hope will inspire your next vacation to the Coffee Axis – or even your future life abroad in Colombia.

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