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Mr. Fox Spanish School in Pereira Colombia

Mr. Fox Spanish School in Pereira Colombia

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It is absolutely necessary that foreign residents know about Mr. Fox Spanish School in Pereira Colombia, and great coffee too! We are confident that this is the best option in Pereira to learn Spanish as a second language in a relaxed, productive setting.

This is still a country where a minority speak English compared to more well-developed places like Peru, or Chile where it is a bit more common.

Mr. Fox Spanish School in Pereira Colombia

Photo Credits: Juan Carlos Londoño Insta: @juancarloshacecosas

At Mr. Fox, you will have the confidence of a curriculum but the effectiveness of personalization. Their aim is a more holistic approach to learning framework where you receive materials, but everything is tailored to your level and learning style.

Tip: Ask for a FREE courtesy class to see if this Spanish School in Pereira Colombia is a fit for you!

The idea was born between three friends, young entrepreneurs who are under 25 but ambitious enough to test the waters with their passion for good coffee, and foreign visitors or residents. 

Juan Jose, Camilo, and Newman who all discovered complimentary talents and business instinct. 

Juan Jose is in charge of the Spanish school, Juan Camilo – a licensed lawyer, handles their legal framework, and Newman is an experienced barista/roaster.

It all began in November of 2020!

Essentially, this is the brainchild of Juan Jose who started teaching Spanish in Medellin. Having gained the valuable experience and insight into what foreign residents needed, he came home to Pereira with a vision to start his own program. 


Now, the hard work is paying off, a year later the coffee shop is open, he has served more than 60 students, and making waves! 

The system is really simple…

As a frame of reference, students are categorized by the European system as A1/A2, B1/B2, or C1/C2. You can study online, or in-person.

Choose from packages of 5 hours ($69 USD), 10 hours ($139 USD), or 20 hours ($269 USD). 

For in-person classes, the 10 hours ($139 USD) per week is recommended – you can pretty much pick the hours that work for you. 

If this sounds like what you have been looking for then fill out the form at the bottom of this page and you will be contacted to set up your first FREE courtesy class. And, don’t forget to follow them on


Or on their website:

Spanish School in Pereira

Mr. Fox Coffee Shop

The other key element of Mr. Fox, is coffee. It is what makes some of us sane, lucid and healthy people to be around. A local coffee from Santa Rosa de Cabal is served fresh every day. 

If you are a true-blue-coffee-snob then you can choose from three different coffee preparations:

  1. Washed – The most common process where the parchment is removed, it is roasted and presents a balanced smooth flavor notes of yellow fruits, chocolate and caramel.
  2. Honey – Parchment is left on, along with a special fermentation process to draw out the fresh flavors of red apple, honey, caramel and citric acid. 
  3. Natural – Skin and parchment is left on the bean, plus a longer fermentation to develop the intense flavors of guava, red fruits (strawberry/blackberry), and chocolate. 

Get amped up for your class with a smooth cappuccino, a dark expresso, or a manual preparation to draw out those unique flavor notes!

If learning about coffee is more your interest, Mr. Fox is offering Barista courses for beginner to advanced levels. Gain a deeper understanding of the chemistry of coffee as you learn to prepare the perfect cup!

Editor Note: We really like how Mr. Fox has a special dedication to environmental issues in that they make every effort to avoid the use of plastics and reduce their trash output. Coffee is stored in buckets which are reusable, locally produced biodegradable cleaning products are used, and they feature a menu which is 90% vegan/vegetarian. 

Mr. Fox Cultural Agenda

Be sure to stay tuned in to our group Expats in Pereira, or the COFFEE SHOP Instagram to participate in a variety of unique cultural activities. Connecting with locals has never been easier!

From coffee experiences to art gallery openings and even special invite parties that you won’t find out about from anyone else. Mr. Fox works hard to bring the best of life in Pereira to local residents both native and foreign!

Discover a new connection with yourself and Pereira, while meeting new and interesting people. Integration is more about being active and going to local events consistently, speaking the language, and letting go of your inhibitions!

Pereira culture and lifestyle has never been so accessible as it is now with Mr. Fox, who is helping to put it on the map for foreign residents and visitors!

Mr. Fox Salsa Classes

The most famous dance in Colombia, even the simplest campesino (country folk) can do a basic rhythm, can you? 

If not, then get on down to Mr. Fox for their Saturday group salsa classes and watch how your social popularity increases.

It isn’t about how elaborate you can dance, it’s about how well you can pick up the basic rhythm and use it to have a good time! Don’t miss out on the fun you could be having at parties, festivals, or a night out with friends.

Cost is $12 USD per class for a small group experience for beginners which will help you get your feet wet and learn the basics. Professional Instructor.


Juan Camilo, Juan Jose, and Newman

We are really excited about Mr. Fox Coffee and YOUR custom Spanish school in Pereira Colombia. Not only does it fill a need in our local community for language programs, but with a high level of professionalism that you won’t find anywhere else!

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling that comes from being misunderstood, or unable to communicate the way you want to. Or worse, receiving the wrong food order because they couldn’t understand what you were saying, and vice versa. 

To register for your FREE class – fill out the following form and you will be contacted with more information. Don’t put off learning Spanish – get started now, life is too short to be a non-participant in this beautiful culture.

    FREE CLASS! Mr. Fox Spanish School in Pereira Colombia!

    spanish school in pereira Colombia


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