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Delicious Snacks, Pizza & Wine | Passo Restaurant Dosquebradas

Delicious Snacks, Pizza & Wine | Passo Restaurant Dosquebradas

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Looking for the perfect pizza and a place to hangout with friends? A savory Italian restaurant, try Passo Restaurant Dosquebradas by Apollo Ignoto, Executive Chef.

Even if a big plate of nachos is more your thing, then you won’t be disappointed. Here you can find a little variety show of all your favorite snacks!

The only way to find out how delicious it really is, is to dive into our newest restaurant review, and feast your eyes and mind. When your taste buds feel like they are ready to throw temper tantrums – then pick up the phone or call a taxi and come on over!

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Passo Restaurant Dosquebradas

Snacks – Pizza – Wine

Calle 21 #N16-75, La Pradera, Dosquebradas Cell/WA 316 637 5116

This is an affordable approach to authentic ingredients, original quality and savory dishes for chat and a snack. With only… seats – Passo focuses on the health and quality of a small group instead of the efficacy and commercial return on a large space. With tables adequate for 1 – 4 people, you will have limited contact and a clean environment with a minimalist feel.

Executive Chef Apollo Ignoto

From Rome, Italy, is an expat resident who has worked hard and gained high profile chef status through his charisma, leadership and passion for Italian cuisine. During the Colombian lockdown, we saw him on local TV – via Telecafe, teaching us the recipes of his grandmother.

La Trattoria, was his first experiment in Colombia. From its humble beginnings in a lower middle class neighborhood, to its current status as a staunch defender of its top five position on Trip Advisor for local Pereira restaurants.

Passo, is a child of La Trattoria, which expands outward to other regions of the Mediterranean, even bringing in a little splash of uniqueness, a more low key atmosphere, and ensuring that whatever you decide to eat, the drinks will be cold and of good quality.

In the words of Apollo Ignoto,

Passo is for people who want to drink a wine, always with our same standard of quality, that isn’t so strictly focused on solid authenticity like La Trattoria. We offer pizzas, nachos, pasta Spanish tapas, things to snack on!

Apollo Ignoto – The essence of Passo Restaurante Dosquebradas

Note from the Editor: Prior to, during many years, and now – as we work to create visibility for Passo, we have always noted that Apollo has a really special talent for employee retention rates. His is the type of place where you see the same friendly faces every time you go back – which is part of the pleasure of being a regular.

So, we decided to interview one of his employees to tell us about her experience.

Daniela, their social media manager, began as a waitress working to pay for her studies at the University.

When I began studying at the university he worked around my availability, which isn’t something they do in most places. He cares about our ability to study and even have a life beyond work. La Trattoria/Passo is like a family. Apollo is a great motivator of growth and improvement.

Daniela Pajoy, Social Media Manager at La Trattoria/Passo


Just the thought of snacking brings our imagination alive with pizza, and nachos! Choose your favorite and pair it with soda, wine or beer.

Passo Restaurant Dosquebradas

One of our picks on the snack menu include Nacharros, a tex-mex favorite which brings together beans, melted cheese, chunks of avocado, chicken and beef, on a bed of four melted Mexican style cheeses and corn chips. Comes with four different salsas!

Additional menu items include:

  • Fondue – melted cheese with homemade bread
  • Patatas Bravas – Or angry potatoes with spicy sauce
  • Salsiccia Infierno – Brandy flambeed Italian Salami
  • Hongos Rellenos – chorizo and cheese stuffed mushrooms
  • Burrata – Fresh buffalo cheese, on a pizza base with crunchy bacon, balsamic reduction
  • Lasagna – choose either meat or vegetarian

Medium light dinners, snacks, and even larger plates to share with friends – you can find them here! But don’t forget, Passo also has domicilio, or home delivery! Call or WhatsApp 316 637 5116.


Life is too short to go without our favorite foods. Get ready because your options are definitely improving! At Passo Restaurant Dosquebradas, you will find authentic Italian style pizza with homemade tomato sauce and flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

If you love a classic calzone, keep reading because we have just the thing!

Don’t miss out on the lasagna either, especially if you are looking for a vegetarian option – this is the perfect solution. With the perfect balance of real veggies like carrots, and zucchini, covered in sauce and smothered with cheese.


Did you know that wine has special digestive properties when paired with heavier foods like pasta and pizza? Don’t hesitate to order a bottle of their reasonably priced mid-shelf wines which are carefully procured to ensure quality and taste.

passo restaurant dosquebradas

If you love classic cocktails like Margaritas, Gin & Tonic, or Mojitos – then you have ALSO come to the right place. Make it a special night out and cut loose with someone special!

Plan Your Visit!

Passo Restaurant Dosquebradas is focused on the quality and flavor of the dishes while ensuring each customer is served individually.

Passo, is a low-key atmosphere for small groups. Favorite snack foods, with the savory flavors and finish of the Mediterranean.

Well-located in the trendy restaurant district known as La Pradera, it can be reached in a short 10 minute taxi ride from the Zona Rosa in Pereira.

Run, don’t walk to this one, and get ready to enjoy your favorite flavors of Italy, yet more international options as well!

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If you loved Passo Restaurant Dosquebradas, then you are going to adore La Trattoria – where you will find all your favorite authentic Italian recipes with real ingredients! Click the link below to read our review!

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