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10 Best Coffee Axis Destinations for 2019

10 Best Coffee Axis Destinations for 2019

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The 10 BEST Coffee Axis Destinations for 2019!  Where birds abound, the coffee is fresh and the travel opportunities are unique. Here are featured some of the most beautiful places that the average tourist is missing completely. Many are up and coming on the national tourism radar in Colombia.

10 Best Coffee Axis Destinations for 2019

If you have any additional questions or you would like to schedule a special tour with us, you can contact us at We can help with logistics, planning and an special arrangements.  It is our goal to ensure that your visit is the best possible experience!


One of our top picks, this pueblo is a bit farther out than the rest, yet well worth the travel time. Travelers will need to keep in mind that it is 4 hours from Medellin and 5 hours from Manizales for travel time. An overnight stay will be necessary unless you are located a bit closer. There are several options.

During your stay there are a few things which are a MUST:

  1. Eat a Pinono – the unique cake which is made here.
  2. Drink Specialty Colombian coffee at Cafe Bruma.
  3. Tour the Casa de Cultura to learn about the sombrero.
  4. Hike up to Cerro Montserrate for breathtaking views.

The rest is for to you to discover!

Rio Sucio

Famous for the bi-annual Carnaval del Diablo, Rio Sucio is an offbeat destination where visitors can eat a variety, see colonial architecture and experience breathtaking views of mountains. It’s unique story and green spaces makes it one of the Best Coffee Axis Destinations.

It has great food and a cute little town atmosphere with old architecture. Plus, there’s a whole array of hiking tours and options available for the nature lover. Walk through both of the big town squares and learn the story of the two cathedrals, or get out into the country with a local guide and soak up beautiful scenery and fresh air.


This is the windy pueblo of the Coffee Axis. Apia is famous for shade-grown coffee, paragliding, music and birdwatching. You can catch a bus to Apia from the Pereira bus terminal via “Trans Apia.” The cost is 10,000 cop each way and the travel time is an hour and a half from Pereira.

Apia Risaralda

Be sure to have some tour options planned prior to your arrival. Especially if you plan to do paragliding, you will need to have your appointment set up ahead of time. Only a small window of 3-4 hours per day is open to fly. You can also plan a bike/jeep tour, ecological hiking trail tour, or even birdwatching.

For more information and contacts for this destination Click Here >>

La Virginia

Home to my favorite swimming pool resort – La Virginia, Risaralda is a small pueblo that is easy to get to, and inexpensive. To get there, catch the bus which runs from Pereira University (UTP) – Terminal – el Centro – Cerritos – La Virginia. The bus is particularly notable because it says “La Virginia” in big letters. It will take you directly to the pueblo and end its route by the gate of “Farallones,” the swim resort.

Be sure to stop off at “Faroles Plaza” in the main plaza for lunch or dinner. Take a sunset walk on the old bridge. Have a cup of Specialty Colombian Coffee at “Cafe Aroma.” Located near the main plaza.

La Florida – Pereira

This is a small municipality which is considered to be a part of Pereira. From Plaza Victoria catch one of the many buses or chivas which run to La Florida. Destination is indicated in the window of the vehicle. Visitors typically start to arrive around 10 am. We recommend a hike out to the river, grab lunch, wander the small pueblo, or drink a cup of coffee.

There is nice a waterfall hike nearby. Contact Yarumo Blanco for tour availability and take the Chiva bus up to the entrance which is a couple kilometers past La Floridal municipality. Be sure to stop in for lunch, visit the artisan shops, farmers market (first Sunday). Visitors can even play some Tejo at the community center.

For more information about La Florida Click Here >>>


Our newest pick, this pueblo was once a hot-bed for guerrilla activity and strictly off-limits. With the success of the peace process they are now writing a new story – one that involves archeology, pre-Colombino history and waterfalls!

Currently the information and lodging options are limited but growing, we plan to dedicate a future blog post to this special virtually unknown gem!


The only CittaSlow in South America, this is a key point which makes this pueblo one of the Best Coffee Axis Destinations. Pijao is becoming famous for its colorful antique architecture, a slower pace of development and eco-tourism.

Visitors from Armenia, or Pereira can plan this one as a one-day trip. Arrive early and take a jeep tour of the local coffee fields. Plan some birdwatching or nature hikes via your local hostel/hotel info desk. Sip locally grown coffee in one of the coffee shops located near the main plaza or wander the pueblo absorbing a slower pace of life. .


In 2018, the “Barra” national awards nominated Helena Adentro as the BEST of the Coffee Axis. Note: Especially on weekends be ready to call ahead for a reservation or wait a couple hours. With beautiful antique architecture, artisan hand-crafts and scenic pastoral views. Filandia is near to Pereira and a great day-trip destination.

Visitors can wander the pueblo and see all the incredible artisan crafts. Sip locally grown coffee.  Hike up a viewing tower for birds-eye view of the Coffee Axis!


A small city, there are a variety of experiences that travelers can become a part of.

We recommend The Manizales Tango Experience.  Learn the basics of this locally loved cultural tradition which has roots in Argentina. This is a dance style which has over 100 years of tradition in the Coffee Axis.

If you are looking for the perfect life abroad, try our Expat Lifestyle Tour. In this 3-4 hour journey, we will take you to the major points of interest across the city. You will learn a brief history, neighborhoods, cost of living estimates, schools, gastronomy and economic/cultural factors.

Book your experience now! Email us at

Coffee lovers will love this city. There are many nice – high quality specialty Colombian coffee shops which serve single origin coffee varieties from nearby farms and pueblos. Our favorites are Caferatto, el Solar, and Specialty Coffee Boutique.

To learn more about Manizales Click Here for the Tremendous History and Culture Overview of Manizales, Colombia!


This is the commercial center of the Coffee Axis and a hub for small business. Pereira is commonly known as the City Without Doors, The Pearl of the River Otun and the Querendona, Transnochadora y Morena.

Visitors have several options which they should take the time to experience:

  1. Enjoy a walking tour of the city center in English or Spanish.
  2. Visit the Botanical Garden at UTP
  3. Eat fresh Arepas de Choclo in Galicia

With a wide variety of gastronomy, expat lifestyles and nature areas, one day won’t be enough. You can learn more information about the city if you Click Here >> Pereira Travel Guide 2019


This is a very short list of 10 BEST Coffee Zone Destinations, one which we hope will serve as a “starter-kit” for your next visit.

Make the experience even more special by working with our Travel Interpreters who will escort you and your (small) group. We will take you to the inside track for places to eat, sites to see and even local lifestyle info. We can also include candid professional photography to help make your experience exceptional and keep your memories fresh!

Tour opportunities include “Expat Lifestyle Tour and our exclusive Manizales Tango Experience.” We can create a customized tour or help you plan your itinerary. Contact us via email to discuss your future visit to the Coffee Axis of Colombia! Email:

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