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Ikelé Rural, a Relaxing Eco-Lodge in Pereira

Ikelé Rural, a Relaxing Eco-Lodge in Pereira

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If you’re looking for rest and relaxation then Ikelé Rural Eco-Lodge in Pereira might be the perfect landing pad for your next adventure in the Colombian Coffee Axis!

Whether you are looking for a rural lodging option, or a place to host a wellness retreat, we have a great recommendation for you.


Eco Lodge in Pereira Colombia

Ikelé Rural, a Relaxing Eco-Lodge in Pereira

A small farm in the countryside outside of Pereira which has been handed down through the family. Once an award winning coffee farm, today it grows plantains and dreams of tourism. Cabins have been newly built, kiosks are ready to receive visitors, and the pool is ready to refresh!

Ikelé is a Palenquero term for “Yo Quiero” or “I want” and comes from a song that touched the hearts of the family who lives here. Their mission statement is a song of love for the land and all who appreciate it as much as they do.

The words say “Ikelé Kandá ma Tiela mi” – which means “I want to sing to my land” which is the dream and legacy of Ikelé Rural, a love letter to the land that has been passed down to Luz Piedad and Mauricio. Today they are sharing their vision with outsiders who they will hope will fall in love with this land as much as they have!

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Ikelé Rural Eco-Lodge in Pereira is a small group or couples experience which features two cabins, an outdoor kitchen with a roof, a pool, kiosk and picnic areas. You can opt to rent the whole farm and sleep a maximum of 10 to 15 people, or choose to stay the night in a cabin for some well-earned rest and relaxation.

This is a great place for yoga/meditation retreats, small business or corporate events and weekend getaways with family. Holistic experiences are the goal of Ikelé – where growth and healing can occur.

Also available are pool, bathroom and shower facilities if you only want to come out for the day, called “pasadia.”

Main Cabin: Two bedrooms one bathroom. Main bedroom has a double bed and a bunk bed with bathroom. The downstairs room only has a double bed and bunk bed. Great family accommodation.

Secondary Cabin: A double bed, sofa and porch for viewing nature – great for birdwatching and relaxation.


Outdoor Kitchen: Between the two cabins is a fully stocked outdoor kitchen. For a fee you can have your food and drinks stocked in the refrigerator.

Swimming pool: Ikelé has a pool which is great for hanging out with family OR swimming laps for daily exercise.

Kiosk & Picnic Area: These are two kiosk style huts side by side. Ideal for yoga classes, meditation, group meetings or larger lunch gatherings. There’s also a much smaller kiosk next to the pool as well.

Ikele’s Vision

Beautiful gardens, relaxing spaces, and meditation inspiring landscapes are only a few of the goals which Luz Piedad and Mauricio share for their eco-lodge in Pereira.

Eco Lodge in Pereira Colombia

This is meant to be a place where individuals can find peace and healing out in nature. Loud music, excess consumption and irresponsible use of medicinal plants is prohibited. What is permitted is moderate consumption of wine or beer – hard alcohol needs to be avoided.

Meditation and Yoga Retreats, Holistic Garden and Kitchen workshops, Chinese Medicine and Medicinal Plants are only a few of the future activities which the owners hope to host – or help people to host in their space. If you need a space with healthy energy and intentions, Ikelé Rural has the logistics and facilities.

For small business workshops, team building and meetings – Ikelé Rural can offer two roofed kiosks, cabins for lodging, a pool for relaxation and event planning.

Plan the perfect wedding with natural scenery, photogenic spaces, social areas and a full kitchen plus drink kiosk.

Additional services include airport pick-up, transport to/from Pereira, day trips to Marsella, Santa Rosa de Cabal, Belalcazar, Viterbo or Salento. They have a car that can seat 4 people in addition to the driver – or we can connect you with trusted local drivers.

Contact Information

Be sure to contact Ikele Rural Eco Lodging in Pereira at least a week or two prior to arrival. This will help ensure they have the openings. This is a very small and exclusive personal attention retreat, so be sure to make your reservation early!

WhatsApp/Cell: +57 316 281 8640     Email:            Follow on Instagram:


Come to a beautiful space characterized by modern, ecological architectural styles which are minimalist with clean lines and nature in the forefront. Spend a weekend recuperating your energy, or a week spending time with family while swimming, hiking, playing on-site provided games, and learning about Colombia’s unique biodiversity.

Ikelé Rural is dedicated to the culture tourist who has an open mind, loves nature and enjoys the sound of birds singing early in the morning. They are lending their space for people who care about their mental, spiritual and physical wellness. Family is a core value. Sustainability is part of their mission. Biodiversity a celebration!

Contact them today via WhatsApp or Email to create your reservation!

If you are falling in love with Pereira and this relaxing eco lodge in Pereira – then maybe it was meant to be. Have you ever considered Living Here?




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