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Coffee Axis Real Estate

Coffee Axis Real Estate

Real Estate

The Coffee Axis region of Colombia is a lucrative destination for fun family vacations, solo travel, and it’s also a great place to live. It has a great lifestyle opportunity, in cities like Manizales, Pereira and Armenia.  Coffee Axis Real Estate has landed on many “live-abroad” radars as a place of unimaginable opportunity and potential.

Tips for Buying (or renting) Your Home Abroad

  1. Know the area. Reading blogs like this one, registering for our expat lifestyle tours – or joining us for our Coffee Axis of Colombia VIP Lifestyle Investment Tour July 2019 (ONLY 10 Spaces Available!!!). We can help you learn the dynamics of popular destinations in the Coffee Axis, and really discover if they are right for you. Spend time in the neighborhood you are interested in by walking around. Is there a fly problem? Mosquitos the size of birds? Or do you hear Reggaeton music with heavy bass coming from the next door house from 10 am to 10 pm? Ask around…a lot.
  2. Check for general maintenance issues. Is there humidity in some of the corners? (Hint: bubbly paint on the walls) How well do the windows seal? How cold or hot does it get? Try all the doors. Check the hot water. Kick around in the kitchen a bit – are there cockroaches? Do the toilets flush? Does each and every cabinet open and close? Where does the water drain off the roof. Does the sink water drain? These and so many more questions can help you avoid hidden issues.
  3. Contact us, or ask a friend to tell you about the chisme, or gossip of each area. In Pereira, and even some parts of Manizales there are neighborhoods with different issues. Malabar – in Cerritos sector of Pereira, has had issues. La Florida (Pereira) has a fly problem due to factory chicken farms. El Centro (Pereira) is having a glue-sucker, drug, homeless and waste problem. Pinares (Pereira) has many dark and lonely spaces at night where people have been robbed. These are all issues which may have a lot or very little impact on the home you want, but which are good to know nonetheless.

Coffee Axis Real Estate

Here at Coffee Axis Travel, we have created a portfolio of hand picked properties. These are places, some of which are owned by other foreign residents who have seen the potential of this area either as an investment or who are shifting their focus to other areas or being forced to leave for personal reasons – or maybe they want to pay off the bank loan on an extra house.

Condo in Pereira, Risaralda  185,000,000 COP Negotiable – Priced to sell!

Apartment in Manizales, Caldas  Price: 360,000,000 COP Negotiable – (Zona Rosa) Priced to sell!

And Many More!

All featured properties are old and big, but recently renovated, or new, modern and in great condition. Book a brief Expat Lifestyle Tour for a 2-3 hour tour designed to acquaint you with the general layout and opportunities, OR register for our exclusive VIP Real Estate Investment Tour, where we will roll out the red carpet and give you a local experience and investment options related to urban home, condo and apartment real estate.

We are available with prior scheduling to give private showings to serious buyers. If you would like more pictures of a property type please contact us.

Schedule with us: Whatsapp: +57 312 794 8245 or email: for more information!

Colombia can be a sketchy place when it comes to real estate deals. Because of this, we have chosen to keep exact locations private to protect our interests and the privacy of the sellers. We offer private showings by prior appointment only. Sign up for our VIP Lifestyle Investment Tour July 15th – 19th, 2019.  Our tour gives an extensive insider perspective and personalized attention to help you find the perfect fit.

List Your Property

If you have a Coffee Axis Real Estate property which you would like to list with us, or even be featured as part of our VIP Lifestyle Investment Tours, we would like to help! Please contact us via the above options, to discuss how we can help you market it through our photography, blog audience, marketing approach, and original content designed to sell.

Our requirements are simple. If we bring you a buyer directly, we will require a 3% commission. Homes to be featured in the tour are chosen at our discretion in relation to quality, price and a client base which values quality and return on investment.

We have created strategic alliances with fully qualified and certified professionals in the US and Colombia, which include real estate/tax/business lawyers, accountants and builders/remodelers who can ensure you get great quality and a modern feel!

Sign up for our exclusive

VIP Lifestyle Investment Tour

Spaces are extremely limited so register early!

On July 15 – 19th, 2019, a group of no more than ten VIP Participants who will receive an inside track glimpse at a cross section of strata 5 or 6, middle upper class, upper class homes which represent quality and value at local prices.


Day 1: Expat Lifestyle Tour – Real Estate Tours – Coffee Shop Experience

Day 2: Real Estate Tours – Coffee Shop Experience – Evening Dance Class

Day 3: Real Estate Tours – Coffee Shop Experience – Final Night Gala

Additional Benefits:

  • Lunchtime presentations by local accountants, real estate law experts, banking experts and remodel/construction professionals.
  • Neighborhood tours where we also show you the best local coffee shops, grocery stores and restaurants.
  • Evening activities like Local Art Gallery, Tango Experience and Local Musicians.
  • A special VIP visitor package which includes a map, Specialty Colombian Coffee and property information, details and itinerary information – plus a special gift on the final night!
  • 24 hour on-site Tour Interpreters who will be there every step of the way to assist with language, local information and ensure you receive a personalized experience.
  • Private car or van transport for airport transfers and throughout the duration for comfortable transfers from one location to the next, as per planned itinerary events.

Contact us by email for more details: or by whatsapp +57 312 794 8245

Coffee Axis of Colombia VIP Lifestyle Investments Tour July 15-19

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