Our newest contributor to Coffee Axis Travel is the wisdom and experience of a retiree expat resident Buying Food at La Galeria. Mary Donaldson has been living in Colombia for three years. She imparts her experience and wisdom related to buying fresh fruits and vegetables in La Galeria.


Buying Food at La Galeria

This is a type of place where all are welcome. Visitors must also use caution and a good dose of horse sense for the sake of safety. Here you will find color, expression, and people of all types.

A few pointers:

  1. It is the safest in the morning and early afternoon. After 4 or 5 pm you will see more of the street types around and the cantinas also will begin to get busier.
  2. The best quality and prices are to be found at La Galeria. This is the distribution point for all the local farms. You can find fruits, vegetables, freshly butchered meat, animal feeds and chickens.
  3. In general, the prices they give you are going to be fair and reasonable. You CAN ask for a discount, but there is an element of respect which must be present taking into account that these are hardworking people who are already working at a low cost yet managing volume and quality.

Really, Manizales is a very safe city and known for the respectability of the people. There is a thread of common decency which can be found virtually everywhere. People are also very respectful, and a foreign person in their midst should also respond in kind.

That being said, La Galeria is an interesting place to experience, with it’s own element of adventure as well. Common sense always, don’t flash money or leave yourself vulnerable. Enjoy yourself as you try out Buying Food at La Galeria in Manizales!

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