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Nocturno Tango Show Pereira

Nocturno Tango Show Pereira


The lights go down, the music comes up – and the Nocturno Tango Show is ready to grab us and transport us to a different place!

Welcome to the Nocturno Tango Show by Alex Giraldo of Vidarte. This is a well-produced event that brings in the best music and dance talent from local, regional and international destinations. If you live locally, or you are planning a visit soon – don’t miss out on this regular event.

Tango Show Pereira

Held on a monthly basis in Teatro Confamiliar Pereira, we were onsite providing coverage for the recent October Tango Show. This night we were gratified to see a full house, and soon we would discover why.

Their featured musical act included San Luis Tango Orquesta with Javier Duval and Jose Torres of Argentina. Sharing their dance skills were Diego Lopez and Fernanda Cardona of “Che Tango” group from Medellin.

A note about the orchestra, Javier, who works on a consistent basis with this presentation – was a great showman. He had us laughing and snickering along with his jokes, then tenderized by his stories of life and family.

Alex Giraldo as Director

Vidarte is a non-profit foundation run by Alex Giraldo. He is a leading director in the Zona Cafetera for production talent. His show will bring out the best in Argentinian Rhythms for local and international guests.

A seasoned production professional, Alex runs a tight ship. We took note that there wasn’t a single technical issue, delay or any other unforeseen disturbance.

For more information follow his Facebook page:

The FINAL show of the year will be held November 21st in Confamiliar Theater in el Centro Pereira, Risaralda. It is a must-see attraction for all music and dance aficionados!

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you more event coverage from the Coffee Axis of Colombia!

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