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An Excellent Quimbaya Quindio Destinations Guide

An Excellent Quimbaya Quindio Destinations Guide

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A pueblo that maybe isn’t on your radar, but should be. The Quimbaya, Quindio destinations guide is going to give you a roadmap to plan your next adventure: one that includes the whole family!

Only about an hour and 40 minutes by car from Pereira, this is an up and coming destination for family tourism, cultural experiences, and agricultural eco tourism.

With some of the most famous destinations in the Colombia, the department of Quindio has always been a model for generating tourism in places like Salento, and Filandia – which are quite famous on a national level. 

quimbaya quindio destinations

A Short History of Quimbaya

When we look at the terrain in Quimbaya, it mainly consists of rolling hills, canyons with creeks and streams, guaduales (bamboo forests), open fields, coffee fields, cattle pastures, palm trees, and warm to hot weather with brief rainstorms. 

The pueblo, or village of Quimbaya actually had two previous names. It began as La Soledad (the loneliness), a group of houses, and some trade between them, but fell under the village of Filandia. Later it became a corrigimiento, a slightly larger commercial settlement – like having a small pueblo, and it was called Alejandria. Finally in 1914, it became its own small town of Quimbaya.

Prior to Spanish exploration, this region was inhabited by the Quimbaya first nations tribe from which the current name is adopted from. This was their home territory where they were the most established.

They were known as being wealthy, but peaceful. In their culture, a person who died was buried with their gold. Today, we hear stories of “Guacas,” or gold cache discoveries in farms and forests. Many landowners in this area have discovered some kind of burial site with gold pieces and artifacts in them.

Fun Fact: The 200 peso coin has a Quimbaya symbol on it. 

Where is Quimbaya, Quindio?

In a nutshell, Quimbaya is between Cartago, Pereira and Armenia. Visitors can take a direct bus from all three cities based on their point of origin. from Pereira and Cartago your travel time will be about one and a half to two hours depending on road conditions. As of November the ticket from Pereira is 7,500 cop and from Cartago 5,700 COP.

quimbaya quindio destinations

Quimbaya Quindio Destinations Guide

This small town, or pueblo, is worth the detour as it offers a tourism niche which is particularly adept for family tourism. From small children up to teenagers, you will find fun activities to engage in. Our top recommendation for your lodging comes with a playground, pool, football field, traditional games, and even a playhouse so that your children will find ways to occupy their curiosity!


Family Tourism in Colombia

In general, Colombia has always been more limited on fun activities for children. Pereira for example, has hardly any playgrounds to be found, while Manizales has playgrounds for children at almost ALL of their parks. Opportunities for children vary from one place to another. 

Quimbaya is unique in that there are several theme parks nearby which are appropriate for the next generation to entertain themselves. 

Agricultural Eco Tourism – Quimbaya Quindio Destinations

Probably the biggest potential in this medium large pueblo, is agricultural eco-tourism, a niche that spins off of the fact that Colombia is largely an agrarian culture, and production center for much of the tropical fruits/foods which are exported to other countries like the US and Canada. 

What is Agricultural Eco Tourism?

The concept behind agricultural eco-tourism is finding a deeper connection with nature, and agricultural production models which has influenced the very fabric of coffee axis culture. The music, dances, and even much of our interactions all center around farming and livestock. Prior to paved roads and jeeps, food, clothing, tools and other necessities all had to be transported on the back of oxen or mules. 

Agricultural Eco Tourism is a way of educating travelers with a fun experience – which will also helps them have a deeper understanding of who Colombians are, and where their national identity came from.

Mama Lulu Ecological Farm

A self sustaining farm, even their cooking gas is manufactured on site. Experience the homegrown self-sustainable experience with a tour, and lunch made with animals and food. This is the ultimate experience for every do-it-yourself’er. 

Panacea Theme Park

A theme park based on farm life. Petting zoos, pony rides, zip lines (canopy), and shows are only a few of the attractions you will find here for all ages. Contact your lodging provider for tickets and information. If you are lodged at Balcones de Bella Vista, you will discover that Parque Panaca is only a short drive away!

Parque del Cafe

This theme park is another famous family destination which could be described as the Colombian concept of Disney land. Enjoy their rides, tour the coffee museum, and enjoy a daily folk dance show.

Balsa Raft River Adventures

Float down Rio La Vieja from Quimbaya to Cartago. These are like a Tom Sayer, bamboo and balsa wood raft, which is steered and pushed by two people. Everyone else wears life vests, and sit on slightly raised chairs to enjoy the ride. One of the routes will even take you to a waterfall. 

Parque de los Arrieros

A thematic park which puts you inside the world of the Paisa’s. Shows, events and workshops to learn more about the life and culture of this region. Great for all ages. 

Cabalgatas – Horse Rides

Live the adventure via horseback in the rolling hills and grassy fields of Quimbaya. Opt for longer or shorter rides, great fun for the whole family. 

Coffee Farm Tour

Get inside the workings of how coffee is produced from field to cup. Take a tour of a coffee farm where you will get real hands on experience, savor the freshness of Colombia’s finest, and come away with a whole new perspective on your favorite hot drink in one of these great Quimbaya Destinations!


This one is self-explanatory. There are places where you can go and find the birds, and there are places where you can wake up and hear the birds. They might even come close to you. We will let you pick which one you feel like doing!

Where to Stay

Finding the perfect landing spot for you and your family, or a partner, isn’t always easy. Having to pay multiple hotel rooms, isn’t always in the family budget. If you want to plan a weekend getaway, special event, family reunion, or even a wedding, then Quimbaya Destinations guide could be a great option!

Balcones de Bella Vista

Founded in 2011, Balcones de Bella Vista, is our top recommendation for couples or family lodging. You can choose from individual rooms, or small apartments with kitchens. Each are well-appointed with everything but you, some groceries and your personal belongings. 

The perfect event venue, you can stage small to moderate events and have your guests lodged in the same place. Only five minutes by car from town, you can order domicilio, or home delivery without being hit by extra delivery fees. And, while meals aren’t currently offered on-site, there is a restaurant next door which offers both lunch and dinner. 

The essence of Balcones (which means balconies), de Bella Vista (which means beautiful view), is a family run place – where you, and your family, feel at home. Features include multiple social spaces, a football field, pool, kiosk, outdoor kitchen, tejo pits, children’s play area, table games, and so much more.

The finca hotel consists of 3 apartments with multiple beds which can sleep up to 10 people each. The main house has 3 rooms with double beds, and the guest house has 2 individual rooms. 

This is a great option for families who want to cook their own food, spend time out in nature, and relax with a great view. With lodging for up to 40 people, but plenty of private spaces, Balcones de Bella Vista is our top recommendation for Quimbaya Quindio destinations.

Call or Whatsapp for more information: +57 318 255 9535 or scroll down just a bit more to start your booking.



Inside the pueblo of Quimbaya, we found numerous cafe’s, restaurants, and evening establishments, which were nicely decorated, and offering varied types of food/drinks. Award winning coffee shops, international and local fare restaurants, ice cream parlors, bakeries, and even a sushi place!

Our recommendation is to arrive around 3:00 pm, wander around the main plaza, past the church and out a block in each direction if you feel like walking. This will give you a peek at what the options are. We recommend La Bogadera for drinks, and bar food. 

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