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Travel Information 2021 Colombian Coffee Axis

Travel Information 2021 Colombian Coffee Axis

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Where we are going to keep you informed about current entry/exit requirements and travel information 2021 in the Colombian Coffee Axis.

Keep in mind that this information can change at any time, you are responsible for doing your own due diligence via the Cancilleria website, US Embassy and whatever airline you plan to travel with.

Travel Information 2021 – Colombian Coffee Axis

Feel free to check our information at any time by visiting the website of the Cancillería, or Ministry of Exterior Relations, which is the government entity which approves visas and entry/exit requirements:

Tourism Entry Requirements Colombia

According to THIS article in Semana magazine, on March 13th, 2021 – travelers must have a negative PCR test within 96 hours (4 days), of flying. Upon arrival you must do a 14 day quarantine OR test negative.

NOTE: If you are a Colombian citizen, you can get a Covid test on arrival, but you liable for all associated costs.

Within 48 hours of your flight, and up to one hour prior to boarding, you MUST register with Check Mig. A separate form must be filled out for each individual passenger.

Airlines are also recommending CoronaApp. You decide.

Do I need a Tourist Visa To Enter Colombia?

US/Canada/UK/EU do NOT need a tourist visa to enter Colombia. You are stamped upon entry. Be very careful of your 90 days and visit your nearest Cancilleria office WITHIN a weeks of expiration.

If you are at risk of overstaying you can request a “salvoconducto,” where they can give you up to 30 additional days – especially if you are waiting for a health pertinent surgery, or other situation that warrants overstaying.

Do I have to wear a Facemask?

A year ago this time Resolution 666 was passed to establish biosecurity protocols for mask wearing and hand washing. Masks are still required in multi-national stores and most shops. The police can fine you for about $300 USD for non compliance.

Do I need to have Travel Insurance?

Not only is it good advice, but for certain types of visas it is a requirement in Colombia. There are a couple commonly used options which can be purchased prior to or immediately after arrival. We have a friend who has been excellent in processing visas and travel insurance.

Contact Luz at Emigrando in Pereira 320 700 0821

Be sure to mention that we recommended you for special benefits!

Where can I get a Covid test?

In our Expats in Pereira group on Facebook the question was asked where to go for COVID tests for traveling to the exterior. Most people recommended Laboratorio Lopez Correa as the go-to for travel tests. Their phone number is +57 63351223, 3122860809, 3158146359 or 3168751316.

Update: Lopez Correa accepts walk-in’s and will send you your results within 4 hours. Cost (as of October 2021 is 100,000 COP)

What Does It Really Feel Like?

There are people who wear masks, and those who don’t. Most people respect individual choice and do not say anything. We respect your decision to wear a mask, or not. Personal health decisions are personal.

Now that the vaccines are rolling out the “UCI or Intensive Care numbers,” have quite suddenly and coincidentally dropped off. Most cities are fully open, or in the process of opening. Pueblos are the most relaxed.

As the travel information 2021 changes we will also try to update this article, as able. If you have information that we may have missed, feel free to email us at

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