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5 Unique Ways to Drink Coffee in Manizales

5 Unique Ways to Drink Coffee in Manizales

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There are many unique ways and places to Drink Coffee in the Coffee Axis. Here, it is more than a culture. It’s an art form where you can pick your perfect view and/or environment for drinking it. Come along as we show you 5 unique ways to Drink Coffee in Manizales.

5 Unique Ways to Drink Coffee

Drink Coffee in Manizales

The brew which drives us, coffee is cultivated throughout the coffee region. Until recently, much of the local populace didn’t even truly know how to Drink Coffee that is fresh, carefully roasted, and well-prepared. The evolution of coffee culture in the coffee axis is evident. The aroma and taste of gourmet coffee is everywhere you go in the City of Open Doors, Manizales, Caldas.

#1 Drink Coffee in a Tropical Garden

If you enjoy sitting outside, in a fresh green environment for an afternoon coffee, then you can sit in a tropical garden while you sip a latte, cappuchino or frappe. El Solar is a little-known, but well-recommended place. It is located near the Aero-Cable (metro cable) station in el Centro. You must ring a doorbell for entrance in a clandestine yet unexpected way. What you will discover is a large terraced garden with tables and chairs on each terrace. At the very top – near the entrance, is a game room with table games, cards and even books for children. They also serve a really nice lunch.

#2 Drink Coffee at the top of a Skyscraper

Manizales is sometimes called the “Fabrica de Atardaceres,” or Factory of Sunsets. Nothing lends itself to a beautiful scenic view like sitting on top of a sky-scraper with a 180-360 degree view. Visitors can choose from La Terraza in el Centro, or Pasion del Cielo on the Avenida Santander near Cable Plaza/Zona Rosa. Be sure to bring a jacket and/or scarf on cool/overcast days. It can get a bit chilly up there – in the air!

#3 Drink coffee while sitting in a swing

Enjoy a huge view from massive glass windows. This is an open high ceilinged cafe in a new building. It faces a beautiful forested mountain covered in tropical cloud forests. Experience a warm cup of coffee as you sit and feel the relaxation of a swinging chair. This is a cafe with a very trendy, hip type of place that serves a great cup of coffee from Huila. Sip a cold “Frappe” or enjoy a well-made cappuccino at Caferatto on the Avenida Santander.

#4 Drink coffee and Listen to Tango

One of the most traditional places to drink an afternoon coffee, is in the heart of the Calle del Tango. The only “Tango Street” of its type in the world, visitors should stop in at Tiempo de Tango during afternoons to sip coffee either black, with milk, or even a snip of Amaretto or Kalua. Visitors can sit and watch the tango classes, or even participate in one. At night this same environment transforms into a tango club with all the unique dynamics that come with it. We can even offer visitors a special Manizales Tango Experience. Click Here to Learn More >>

#5 Drink Coffee in a Cathedral

The Catedral Basilica Nuestra Señora del Rosario, in Manizales is a massive concrete construction in the baroque style. And, whether you are religious, or not – you can find yourself relaxed and content with a cup of coffee as you overlook Bolivar Plaza from a large terraza high above the street below. Stop by Tazzioi Cafe, on the upper floor (take elevator), for a coffee granizado (coffee slushy). Listen to the warm soothing tones of classical music as the distant sounds of Catholic mass mingle in from a distance. This is a great ambiance to visit with a friend, or conduct a small meeting. Be sure to take the Cathedral tour where you will hike to the very top of the highest cupola and experience 360 degree views.


Manizales, is a city like none other. It is known as the “University Capital of Colombia.” Experience the cool spring-like environment which lends itself to bright sunny mornings and quiet rainy afternoons; or even a combination of both. The quiet and dignified surface that many visitors see is only a thin veneer that hides a city which is passionate about art, culture, poetry and music. Definitely a MUST-SEE on any Coffee Axis Travel itinerary!

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