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Everesting Run in Manizales, For The First Time Ever!

Everesting Run in Manizales, For The First Time Ever!


With only 31 people who are participating on a world wide basis, Everesting Runs aren’t for the weak of heart. The nearest sporting event we can compare it to, is Trailrunning – which is basically hiking, but a little bit faster. The first Everesting Run in Manizales, is the ultimate challenge for the hiker/runner who wants to test his/her mettle.

What The Heck is an Everesting Run?

Known as one of the most difficult climbing challenges in the world, an Everesting Run is about picking a hill, and running it until you achieve the height of Mount Everest = 8,848 Meters Above Sea Level (29,028 Feet Above Sea Level).

ONLY 31 PEOPLE IN 12 COUNTRIES – have actually achieved this feat. And, a group of crazy, hard-working and dedicated runners in Manizales are going to try to put Colombia on the map as the FIRST country in Latin America to host an Everesting Run!

The official website for Everesting has specified some very simple rules:

  1. One hill
  2. One Activity
  3. No Time Limit
  4. No Sleep
  5. Total gain of 8,848 meters.

Trailrunning Club of Manizales – First Everesting Run in Latin America

With a handful of hopefuls and hearts full of courage, a small handful of running/hiking enthusiasts from Manizales are going to make an attempt at an Everesting Run on May 3rd – May 4th, 2019. The hill has been chosen, in a nearby “vereda,” or rural area, known as La Aurora. The name of the run is “La Porra.” The same type of run will also be held simultaneously in Cali and Medellin.

Contact Trail Running Manizales via Instagram: @trailrunningmanizales or Facebook:

Each ascent is 1.8 kilometers, with an altitude gain of 451 meters and an incline of 24%. Their plan is to start at 10 pm on Friday and finish the run on Saturday or Sunday. There is no cost to participate and all willing and courageous participants are welcome.

We met with Alfonso Esteban de la Cruz and Gabriela Garcia-Mardones, two of the participants to discuss their hopes and dreams for this event.

Lo que me mueve a hacer el Everesting Run es la magia de las montañas, el llevar nuestros cuerpos al límite y cómo la montaña te carga de energía y te hace sacar toda la fortaleza que llevas dentro, la misma fortaleza que tienen las personas que están en la lucha con alguna enfermedad, la misma lucha que actualmente está llevando mi madre. Llevar mis músculos a sentir tanto cansancio como el que siente mi madre en sus actividades diarias que para ella son un reto que equivale a escalar el everest cada día, este everesting va dedicado a ella. / What moves me to do the Everesting Run is the magic of the mountains, to take our bodies to the limit and since the mountain charges with energy, it brings out all your inner strength, the same strength that people have which are in the fight with an infirmity, the same fight which my mother is actually taken with. To push my muscles to exhaustion, like how my mother feels with daily activities – which for her is a challenge which is the equivalent of climbing Everest each day, I am dedicating my effort to her.

Alfonso Esteban de la Cruz – Age 33 Colombia
Everesting Run in Manizales

La motivación por este reto del Everesting run es una vez más ponerme al límite de lo que parece inalcanzable para demostrarme a mi misma que con constancia y dedicación se puede lograr más de lo que creemos ser capaces. Quizás se logra el objetivo, de no ser así se habrá crecido en el intento. Lo dedico a toda la gente que quiere seguir una vida activa sana y en armonía con su físico, espíritu y mente. Nunca es tarde, a toda edad se puede. / The motivation for this Everesting Run challenge is one more time push me to the limit of what I feel is unreachable to show myself that with constancy and dedication you can achieve more than what we feel we are capable of. Maybe you will achieve the objective, or if nothing else grow during the attempt. I dedicate this to all the people who want to follow a life which is active, healthy and in harmony with your physical (body), spirit and mind. It is never too late and at any age you can do it.

Gabriela Garcia-Mardones Age 50, Argentina


With only three weeks before the event begins, everyone who wants to enter is welcome. Organizers are checking on picking up some sponsorship but any participants should plan to bring their own nutrition. This event is a precursor to a much bigger event which will take place in June: Festival de la Montana, or Festival of the Mountain. Instagram: @festivaldelamontana Facebook:

For more information, or to participate call or WhatsApp Alfonso (who also speaks English): 300 676 6278. Follow him on Instagram: @alfestveg

Sources: – Everesting Run Official Website

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