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Innovative Orthopedic Medicine Therapies in Pereira, Colombia

Innovative Orthopedic Medicine Therapies in Pereira, Colombia

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Our hands and articulations, are the vehicle of productivity in life. To lose even a little bit of mechanical efficiency, has long reaching effects into every part of our daily existence. Interestingly enough, Pereira is becoming a destination for Innovative Orthopedic Medicine Therapies.

My entire life I have had slight issues with my hands. In extreme cold, or anything below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, maybe 10 degrees celsius, I have problems. As far back as I can remember my hands seize up or simply hurt when I come in contact with really cold things. So, my curiosity led me to investigate to try to find, if not a solution, at least an answer.

And, this is how I found Dr. Santiago Salazar Botero, who was not only able to answer my questions, but also help me understand what is going on…

While not a serious issue, I discovered that the pain and sensitivity I have to cold could be a mild form of Reynauds syndrome, which is essentially an allergy to cold.

Innovative Orthopedic Medicine Therapies

Pereira has modern medical centers like Megacentro in Pinares neighborhood, Confamiliar, a private hostpital, and a new complex which is being built in Cerritos, the upscale countryside west of the city.

Colombia is also actively promoting itself as a destination for medical tourism, a trend that we see actively coming to fruition here in the Coffee Region.

Interestingly enough, it was a simple accident of taking a walk, where we literally stumbled across this story of a doctor who has some innovative orthopedic medicine therapies in Colombia.

Innate Mechanical Creativity Engineering

An immense curiosity has taken us into new realms of exploration in Pereira, Colombia and the Coffee Region. This time it was some personal exploration that our readers may appreciate. And this was how we met Dr. Santiago Salazar Botero.

What happens when you get a smart little boy who likes to take apart any electronic thing you leave within his reach? You buy him legos, and a model airplane, and let his imagination take over.

The impact of building model airplanes was so profound for Dr. Santiago, it even affected his career choice and perspective towards delicate procedures. He explains it as the following:

“Siempre que voy operar alguien pido los instrumentos y los elementos para hacer el mejor procedimiento disponible en la literatura. A veces no me autorizan, a veces es una sorpresa porque se complica la cirugía, o no hay entonces a veces improviso. Digamos que eso es lo que me dio el aeromodelismo, la capacidad de improvisar obtenido el mejor resultado con lo que hay.”

“Always when I am going to operate on someone I ask for the instruments and elements to do the best surgery by the book. At times they don’t authorize me, at times it is a surprise because the surgery becomes complicated, or they don’t have it and I have to improvise. We can say that Aero-modeling gave me this, the capacity to improvise in order to achieve the best result available.”

Orthopedic Medicine

It was this innate creativity, which led Dr. Salazar into a career of Orthopedic Medicine and Traumatology, with a special focus in hand issues like carpal tunnel, raynauds and arthritis.

Dr. Salazar went to Universidad del Rosario in Bogota for Orthopedia and Traumatology, and graduated with his General Medicine degree at Universidad Techologica de Pereira, with a masters in Instrument Physics.

He went on to specialize in hand surgery and microsurgery, with a doctorate in biomechanics and biomaterials at the University of Strasburg, in France.

Academic works published include wrist surgery investigations and robot assisted nerve function. That is to say, he is well aware of existing and new technologies while having a deep understanding of mechanical function in the human body.

Holistica pero de medicina probada.” Holistic but from proved medicine.”

Basic philosophy and outlook of Dr. Salazar.

Arthritis Treatment, Carpal Tunnel, and Pre-Conditions

Dr. Santiago’s central philosophy towards medicine is focused on the use of proven techniques and treatments for mechanical problems of the hands. This also takes into account pre-conditions and the use of preventative or alternative therapies and/or external aids to prevent or reverse mechanical conditions before surgery becomes necessary.

As a surgeon, he makes every effort to balance what is needed, versus what could be done without cutting. The objective is always to prevent later surgeries, but to ensure that if surgery is necessary, it is carefully done with the best methodology and technique available.

Santiago also created a 3D printing system for creating hand braces, and arthritis rings, which custom fit each patient, at a fraction of the cost of what you would normally find.

Orthopedic medicine

The rings are low-cost, high quality, efficient and almost invisible, yet the results are clear.

Customer Service and Patient Care

All appointments are adequately long enough to answer questions while explaining procedures clearly. Each patient is seen as a unique individual not a general reference. Surgery is viewed as something to be avoided through preventative care and treatments.

In the case of a surgery, or even a more complicated, or intensive procedure, outsourced patient care may be available offering attention and repose.

Located in the upscale medical office complex of Megacentro, visitors will find nice lodging options within a short taxi ride, or brief walk for those who prefer to enjoy the beauty of the Pinares neighborhood and its greenery.

Biosecurity protocols include face masks, hand washing stations, temperature checks and up-to-standard cleanliness. The utmost care is employed throughout this area to protect visitors.

How to Contact Dr. Salazar

What if, for the cost of a nice vacation, you could get treatment, surgery and/or innovative products? In Colombia, this is possible and doable, with the same or better quality techniques than your health insurance is able to cover back home.

Book your orthopedic medicine appointment online:

Learn more about Dr. Salazar’s background and education:


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