A pueblo with big dreams and tourism for horse lovers, bird watchers and coffee drinkers. Happenings are transforming this sleepy pueblo into a day-trip hotspot.

Settled by the children of nearby Apia and local residents, Viterbo was founded between 4 large haciendas, in 1907. A bishop from Manizales had a hand in making good use of what he considered to be a great potential. 

Viterbo, Caldas

Today, it is a small pueblo, or town of 10,000 residents, and growing fast. A faster connection to Manizales and Medellin is currently bringing a new demand for local housing. On the outskirts large plots of land have been set aside for condominiums. Now, the local residents are seeing a new potential for tourism and economic activity.

We met with the local tourism providers to create a travel guide based on top recommendations. #SponsoredPost

Here are some ideas which will help you plan your next weekend adventure in the Colombian Coffee Region. Enjoy!

Where to Stay

Viterbo has a comfortable elegance that is well worth staying more than one day. Wander the pueblo, go on a horse ride or lounge around watching life go by.

Hotel La Casona

Experience the quaint elegance of a former mansion turned hotel. Large rooms, private bathrooms and a close proximity to pueblo life, La Casona is our top recommendation.

Rooms come as single, double and family/groups. Guests will have all the conveniences at their finger tips including high speed internet, parking, 24 hour security, plus food service and catering (with prior reservation).

Enjoy a pleasant view and a quiet location. Call or email for reservations! Prices start at 35,000 per night for a single occupant, or 50,000 for a couple. Ask about their special rates for families and groups.

Cell: 312 258 8812/Landline: 6 869 4126 Email: hotellacasonaviterbo@gmail.com Address: Calle 12 #9-41

Get something to eat or drink upon arrival…

Viterbo is easy to access from Pereira and takes only forty minutes on average, by private car, or an hour and a half by bus. If you have that morning sweet tooth, here’s where you might go first.

Breakfast & Bakery

For something sweet or that caffeine you needed, here’s what we recommend!

Manjares Reposteria – Panadería

Olga, who lived many years in the US, wanted to create a classic bakery feel for her shop. She describes it as “Un sueño hecho de sabor. Esta es mi pasion.” A dream made of flavor. This is my passion.”

Fresh bread, typical pastries and coffee are all on the menu. This is a great meeting place for locals and visitors alike. Be sure to ask about their event services. Indoor and outdoor seating available.

Hours of Operation: 6:00 am – 10:00 pm DAILY Address: Carrera 7 #7-39

Where to Eat Lunch or Dinner

You’ve been going hard, time for something cold and refreshing…

When you return to the pueblo, in the afternoon, the heat will be nearing its peak. Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Here’s a place we really liked!

Wamba Juice Bar – Gourmet Hamburgers

A catchy name inspired by Jamba Juice in the US. Not quite a coffee shop, this is an open air juice bar/burger stand situated in the Parque Principal (main park). Their limited aged beef gourmet burger menu, is only available in the early evening onward.

Be sure to stop in, relax, and opt for one of their smoothies inspired by exotic or tropical Colombian fruits, or a cool frozen lemonade. The house lemonade is Cucumber & Chia, we know you are going to love it!

Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri 2:00 – 10:00 PM / Sat & Sun 11:00 am – 11:00 pm Location: Main Park – in front of the church.

When the hunger comes upon you, it’s important to know where to go…

Viterbo has a limited but delicious restaurant scene. We recommend one place for tipico food, and one for French crepes.

La Fonda

For the typical flavors of Colombia, particularly the coffee region – then this is your place. An old house that was remodeled and restored is home to this cute, old-fashioned Colombian diner fare. Favorite local plates include Trucha, or trout, and Cesar salad.

Whether you are planning a family lunch, or experimenting with the flavors of typical Colombian cuisine – La Fonda has a little something for everyone, even children! Their desire is to bring quality ingredients and preparation to a variety of timeless favorites. Yes, they accept credit cards!

Hours of Operation: 10:30 – 10:00 PM Every Day Location: Carrera 7 #9-54

Al Aire Libre – Lunches – Nature, Art & Flavor

There is a place that feels like paradise – where you can eat lunch in the open air. Featuring traditional recipes and unique details – on the weekends you can choose from Sancocho de Espinazo (pork), Chicharron and beans, or the traditional Bandeja = Meat of your choice, soup, rice, salad and side of your choice. Al Aire Libre, is a weekend place where you and your family or friends can go to take a break from the heat with fresh breezes and friendly service.

The tables are in the front yard of an old house next door to Pinceladas. Inside the house are two workshops, one for painting, and one for jewelry making. That is because the mother-daughter team who run it are also accomplished creatives.

Hours: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 12:00 – 4:00 PM. Lunch to go during the week (must call). Extra charge if sending out to the condominiums. Whatsapp/Cell: 314 713 7535 – 311 356 9093 Location: Cra. 7 #10-15

La Villa Francesa – Creperia & Pasteleria Artesanal

In the same beautifully restored house, you will also find a drink bar called Yurupari Galeria Panesso. Guests can order aromatica, coffee, tea and natural juices. They are also offering beer, or wine. Enjoy the unique architecture which features an open garden, and art works which were locally made.

Hours of Operation: Thurs – Sun 5:00 – 10:30 PM

Location: Parque Principal (facing the Main Park) Local Delivery: 313 805 0482 and 300 519 2384

Pinceladas de Sabor | Cafe – Bar

Afternoon coffee, or evening drinks with something extra – the next place is full of artisan crafts, locally grown single origin coffee, local single origin chocolate and a colorful ambiance that continues into the night.

Whether you are craving a cappuccino, a cool artisan ice cream bar, or even a waffle with ice cream – you have come to the right place. The first Saturday of each month features live music and different art, culture or gastronomy themes.

Hours of Operation: 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM EVERYDAY Address: Carrera 7 #10-02

Touristic Attractions in Viterbo, Caldas

Time to get your feet wet and find your sense of adventure…

Visitors can choose from hiking, jeeping or riding a horse. Or you can do a little bit of everything. For horse lovers, we found this local operator.

Jinetes del Eden – Riders of Eden

For a fun ecotourism adventure, take a page out of history and experience the rolling hills, creeks and forests by horseback. Riders will be matched by experience, of course! Minimum of 2 riders, up to 15 riders per tour.

This 2-3 hour adventure will take you into the tropical dry forest surroundings of Viterbo, Caldas. Visitors are insured, and all precautions are taken to create a diverse trail riding experience! Be sure to call 4-5 days ahead of time to schedule your adventure. Cost: 90,000+ depending on length.

Call: +57 310 411 8221 or email: cabalgatasjinetesdeleden@hotmail.com

Note: Reservations must be made 4-5 days prior to arrival. Jinetes del Eden is a local tourism operator which offers a variety of tours including trail rides, jeep tours, and more. Call or email for more information. Cost of insurance included.

Across the street from Pinceladas, you might notice a strangely peculiar place…

Cameloc Casa de Cultura – The Heaven of Music

Music aficionados come hither, this one is for you! With a collection of more than 6,000 LP (Long Play) Vinyls, your ears will be filled. Nelson Arturo Lopez Diaz, is a life-long collector, singer and music aficionado.

Located directly in-front of Pinceladas de Sabor, you can’t miss the peculiar charm of the place. Feel free to wander into the front part and meet with the History of art and culture in Viterbo, which is also carved into the exterior bricks.

Hours: Whenever the doors are open. Address: Look for the oddity only a few blocks from the main park and across the street from Pincelarte.

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This is a very breve, or short, guide to tourism in Viterbo, Caldas. Only an hour from Pereira, you will find a fun variety of amusements to plan the perfect day trip.


Pack a hat for the sun, grab your shades, and dive into the adventures of Tierra Caliente, the hot earth – or warm climates of the lower valleys near Pereira in the Coffee Axis.