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Escuela Contra La Pobreza Manizales Needs Your Help!

Escuela Contra La Pobreza Manizales Needs Your Help!

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Manizales is a paradise – but even it has its troubles. Especially if you are looking for a way to make a difference in the community, then Escuela Contra la Pobreza Manizales is the option we have vetted and recommend for our readers.

Helping out in Colombia isn’t always easy for the charity-minded. Often, giving money to beggars in the street are instead providing feasts for those who least need it. Don’t feed the problem. Instead, look at something like this as a way to help.

Escuela Contra La Pobreza Manizales – School Against Poverty

Education can change the world. It can transform our thoughts and ideas into something productive. From this productivity we learn to dream about different ideas. Think about ideas which have had an impact on your life – and that is what escuela contra la pobreza is all about.

escuela contra la pobreza maizales

We Need Your Help!

Poverty isn’t going away anytime soon – but the best friend of productivity is the appreciation of values. Victor Caicedo, the director of Fundacion Escuela Contra la Pobreza, is dedicated to a social activity where he does didactic, value-building activities with disadvantaged children which help them discover talents and learn new ideas.

Barrio San Jose

escuela contra la pobreza manizales

This Barrio, or neighborhood can be found in the area bordering the Galeria (food plaza), extends back and down a steep hill. The farther down you go the worse it gets. Many of these homes are “invasiones” or invasive buildings built informally without proper ownership and permission but protected under Colombian law.

In Colonial days, San Jose was actually the Zona Rosa of Manizales. Many of the wealthiest clamored to live or be associated with this neighborhood. Today, you will see the evidence of its previous fortune in the exterior of the old homes and buildings. The nearby “Galeria” was traditionally the city center where commerce and trade took place.

Didactic Value-Building Workshops for Kids

Over the next couple months they are doing weekly programs which are designed to teach values that will help kids get ahead. But, they need your help!

“We don’t want anti-values in their lives, and this allows us to generate some pedagogical tools which permits them (children) to relate to others in a good way. Even more, potentialize the spiritual aspect as well. It is very important that we receive support in the form of materials and snacks to permit a good development of this activity. Much thanks and blessings.”

Victor Caiceido – Director, School Against Poverty

Anything you can donate such as food, snacks and materials – is greatly appreciated. They also accept monetary donations as well. Keep in mind, they also need volunteers to assist with activities so don’t hold back if you feel that this is something you can help with.

Workshop every Saturday teaching values to kids. Contact for info!

Current activities include a workshop each weekend, disaster relief and food/clothing/material drives for families of this area. They are receiving any household items available for current victims of a fire in February 2020 which left several families without home or possessions.

For more information about Escuela Contra la Pobreza Manizales, contact Victor Caicedo +57 314 823 2667 or write us at LIMITED English

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    February 29, 2020 at 1:21 pm

    Cordial saludo, estoy muy interesado en participar de esta gran apuesta, oriento talleres para todo tipo de poblacion, los temas son los siguientes:
    1. Sensibilizacion turistica.
    2. Turismo comunitario con vision empresarial.
    3. innovacion y creatividad.
    4. Empresarismo y emprendimiento.
    5. Trabajo en equipo.

    Estos son algunos de los talleres, quedo muy atento a tu comunicacion.

    Feliz dia.


    jhon Jaime Muñoz Marin.
    Cel. 312 735 0553.

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